Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 21 June 2013

What a beautiful day today. Just finished my sewing and now time to spend out doors. Very pleased to get these two runners done for my grand daughter's birthday. They turned out so well.

Its amazing how you can use the same pattern and use different boarders and they turn out so different. I think they will like them. I also got my package from Madame Sam and there was a couple of things I didn't know that I was getting. A charm pack and a couple of cute cards. What a nice surprise. 

Sorry my picture is turned the wrong way. Not sure how to change it. Oh well , you can still see the wonderful gift. Time to go and enjoy the sunshine. A walk or gardening. Maybe both. Have a great day.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day.

What a beautiful day on this Father's Day. It couldn't be any nicer. Happy Father's Day to all those father's out there.

Sara down for a visit. Look at the size of these flowers. They gave me this flower about three years ago and this is the first time it bloomed. Lovely.

Sara and James.

I stopped and and picked up this new foot for my sewing machine. It is a Multi-line decorative foot. It has a 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1 inch spaces.

These are the lines they make, which does a nice job. I think it will be something that will come in quite handy. 

So I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Lucky Week....

Well this has been a good week. I had a few wins. I am so excited.
First was a bundle of fabric from Madame Sam for my pink flower quilt that got most creative. So looking forward to receiving it.
Then I won five fat quarters from Mirror Ball dot from Mark. Almost forgot that I entered that one. I have it picked out and it should be on the way.
And today I won a Riley Blake Polka dot fat bundle from the Quilting Lodge on my Texas teardrop Quilt. It defiantly was a good week.

I did get together this runner for my granddaughter for her birthday. It was the paper piecing Summer Sampler with Jennifer of Edison Lane Quilts. Not a very good picture but didn't have my camera. I also pieced enough for one for my other granddaughters birthday in August but the outside boarder is going to be black with lime green polka dots.  I also started another New York Roundabout table runner for my daughternlaw's birthday the first of July. I hope to get them done this week. It will depend on how much my husband wants me to work this week. We shall see. 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Meet Opal.......

Well I finally have a few moments to tell you about my day on Tuesday. I had every intention of going to Singars to buy a sewing machine on my way to PEI. Which I did. Meet the newest member of my family Opal 670:

She is very pretty and the reason I wanted her was to have an extra sewing machine for sewing and to use my quilters sewing machine for machine quilting. It's hard to switch back and forth all the time. I also wanted this one because it is compatible with mine and it has two features that I was interested in, scissors and stop and start. Two fetures that my friends have that I like. I was looking at this machine which was on sale a month ago when I was with my friends who were looking at the Tiria Baby Lock when the owner told me to come June 4th as there might be a better deal. So I patiently waited and was glad with the result. The sale was still on plus no tax and a free table which is on order. I also had to stay for this class to get the sale. I thought it was a demastration of the sewing machine but it was a appliqueing class and I made this I Pad holder. It was a free class with all the supplies.

It gave me the chance to try some new things and I came away learning lots. Very happy with the teacher and the project. It was a pleasant surprise. I had to leave early so I bought the sewing machine before the class started and picked up a few things during the class. I got two attachments for my sewing machine. The first was a binding foot and the other was a 1/4" to 1" ruler foot. I am not sure the name of it but when it comes in I will post a picture. It is quite neat. Maybe someone out there will know what I am talking about.

I had to leave early as my husband was waiting for me to go out to a lobster supper here in New Gasglow. And I had a two hour drive.  It was so good. He also spent Sunday putting together this desk for me so my sewing machine has a place for camping.

The colouring is terribe in here with all the windows. So. Saturday sounds like a really wet day so I will have time then to play on my new toy. Very pleased with my day and can't wait to see what wonderful things we will make.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Winner.......

And the winner of my "Say it with Flowers is

  1. I love your quilt. The pastel colours are just beautiful. I am green with envy over your garden. I live in AZ. where it is HOT and flowers don't last very long. Thank you for sharing.

    Congratulations Bonnie. I have sent you a email. Hope to hear from you soon.

    I also want to tell everyone about my exciting day yesterday but need a couple more pictures and the light is terrible here tonight so I will have it tomorrow night. Back to work today and didn't get home early enough. But I wanted to get this posted to let the winner know she won.

    I was very happy with "Say it with Flowers Hop. My quilt got picked for most creative for the day. No prizes but happy to get picked. It was nice after it taken me so long to finish this. I know my grand daughter will be very happy with it. So stop back again tomorrow to hear about my exciting day. 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Say it with Flowers

Today is my day to show you my creation. This is somethings that I started a few years ago and didn't get very far when I thought it was way to much work. So it was put away and every once in a while I would take a block out and finish it. So when this hop came along I thought this would be the chance to take it out and finish it.

I want to thank Madame Sam at Sew we Quilt and Carol at Just let me Quilt. They put so much work into this for us to enjoy.

So for my piece. I just love this piece and I think it will go to my youngest grand daughter who is seven for Christmas. She saw it and loved it because it was pink.

I am machine quilting this and it is coming along nicely. I am covering it with hearts. There are thirty blocks and I hand appliqued them all as I started this before I got my new sewing machine. It is not 100% done yet but most of it is. Between working on this and my flower beds I have been busy.

I should of taken picture of how bad these looked before I took at them. I pulled my shoulder out last spring and spent time at the chiropractor did half of the front bed and had to go back to the chiropractor and decided it was to expensive to do this so they didn't get touched last year and what a mess. I got into my husbands gravel pile and redid all the walk ways as the weeds even over took them. I picked up 45 more bags of soil today and if it doesn't rain hope to get them on tomorrow.

Now if you have made it this far I usually have a give away. Well I can't change my pattern so I decided that I would send someone the magazine of this quilt and two fat quarters to some lucky person. There is lots of fun things to do in this magazine and I am sure someone would really enjoy it. Just leave me a comment leaving me with an idea on a certain flower that you like to add to your flower beds that is easy to maintain as I am away a lot during the summer. I love flowers that bloom more in the fall as that is when I am home more. Oh the give away.

So I hope you enjoyed my posting and good luck with the give away. I will mail anywhere. So I hope you will visit everyone in the hop and are enjoying it as much as I am. 

Look who's showing their flowers today:

The whole blog hop schedule can be found HERE.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bibs and Burp pads

I decides this afternoon to finish up these sets of Bibs and Burp pads. I have five sets done and Four more to go. I started these last winter when my grand daughter was going to the market with her father. After I got some done she decided not to go any more. They will make a nice shower gift.

I am home by myself this weekend. My husband is on PEI working and I stayed home because the sale on the sewing machine that I am looking at is on Tuesday. I will drive over then. I needed to be home last Friday for the burial of my grandmother. It went so well and something interesting happened during the service. Across the street at the other cemetery the army was practising for a funeral for Monday. As we were walking to the grave site there was a 21 gun salute. The priest came and we were ready to start and then there was another 21 gun salute. The priest did a excellent job on the service. As the funeral director was lowering my grandmother down the bag pipes started playing and when Lisa finished lowering her they stopped. The priest said a few more words and then there was another 21 gun salute. What a way for my grandmother to go. My mother was so pleased and it will be something we will always remember. We will always miss her. She was the best.

It was a beautiful day here and I am almost finished with the flower garden. By the time I leave for PEI on Tuesday I hope it will be done. It is looking great. I am very happy with the result. Now it is raining and  we are getting a thunder storm. I love the sound of thunder.

Well I think I will go and do the other four bibs and work on my  Say it with Flowers. I post it on Monday. Hope you will all stop by.