Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

WIP wednesday

I am just new on this sight and a friend is trying to set me up, Marjorie's Busy Corner. So I decided to join this sight today. I have lots of projects that I am working on and when I figure how to do this I will post the pictures.
One of the things that I tired was the tube quilting. It was interesting and was pleased on hopw it turned out.

I am linking up to Suki and Monika


  1. Welcome, Marla! You'll learn as you go, I did, and you'll have a great time.
    Your runner is pretty.

  2. Hey Marla!!! I finally realized that I could find you through the linky....lol I see Holly has found you....she does beautiful art pieces. Remind me to show you what she gave me...

  3. Welcome from me too...it's great to see new bloggers and what they are making:)

  4. Glad you found the Needle and thread network-I found it recently also and everyone is so kind! Lovely table runner, and stars on the post below are so precise.

  5. Lookin' good! Nice to see you on TN&TN

  6. Keep practicing, you can only learn and get better at blogging when you practice! I have never tried tube quilting so maybe there is something to put on my non-existent list! Nice choice of colours for the table runner...

  7. I've never tried tube quilting but yours looks good.