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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Texas Teardrop finally put together

I finally got the Texas teardrop together. I am happy with it. I plan to try to machine quilt this as with all the fusing I think it would be hard to hand quilt. I also think I am going to make this into a shower curtain for my mother for Christmas. She has a really nice bathroom in her new apartment and I think it would be very pretty. And with all the fusing I am not sure if it would be soft enough for a quilt. I haven't used fusing that much so not sure how it soften up.

It is very bright and pretty. I will wait to when I pick up a shower curtain to see if I need to make it bigger. Well I was going to go work in the flower garden but it is raining so that means I can sew or quilt. I will start with the quilting and then go to the sewing room. Lots to do there.


  1. Very beautiful. Love the colours you have selected. it makes it so cheerful.

    Did you put fusible on the entire back of each piece? I only put fusible around the outer edge, maybe a 1/4 inch. after I draw the outline on the paper of the fusible. i cut a 1/4 inch outside the line and then a 1/4 inch inside the line, then fuse this ring onto the back of the fabric. When I trim along the cutting line, it leaves about 1/4 inch of fusible around the edge.

  2. Very pretty. She should love it..

  3. This is just stunning! great job!

  4. I just love this pattern! I bet it looks great as a shower curtain for your mom! You were much quicker to get to making it then I was - well done with bright and cheerful!!