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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bibs and Burp pads

I decides this afternoon to finish up these sets of Bibs and Burp pads. I have five sets done and Four more to go. I started these last winter when my grand daughter was going to the market with her father. After I got some done she decided not to go any more. They will make a nice shower gift.

I am home by myself this weekend. My husband is on PEI working and I stayed home because the sale on the sewing machine that I am looking at is on Tuesday. I will drive over then. I needed to be home last Friday for the burial of my grandmother. It went so well and something interesting happened during the service. Across the street at the other cemetery the army was practising for a funeral for Monday. As we were walking to the grave site there was a 21 gun salute. The priest came and we were ready to start and then there was another 21 gun salute. The priest did a excellent job on the service. As the funeral director was lowering my grandmother down the bag pipes started playing and when Lisa finished lowering her they stopped. The priest said a few more words and then there was another 21 gun salute. What a way for my grandmother to go. My mother was so pleased and it will be something we will always remember. We will always miss her. She was the best.

It was a beautiful day here and I am almost finished with the flower garden. By the time I leave for PEI on Tuesday I hope it will be done. It is looking great. I am very happy with the result. Now it is raining and  we are getting a thunder storm. I love the sound of thunder.

Well I think I will go and do the other four bibs and work on my  Say it with Flowers. I post it on Monday. Hope you will all stop by.

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