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Friday, 29 November 2013

I learned something new about my sewing machine again. I was machine quilting Lauren's quilt and other pieces and having trouble with the tension. I was getting this type of stitch.

It was getting very frustrating. But it didn't happen all the time. I would change the needle, rethread it and change the bobbin. Sometimes changing the bobbin would help. So I decided to take it to Singers  where I bought it and ask their opinion. Of course it worked fine. So he thought it might be the thread. It would work better with the thread standing up but he said it should be lying down.  I couldn't get it to work laying down. So finally it came to him it was these things. The more I think of it it worked fine when it was a full spool of thread and got worse as the spool got smaller. Not thinking I needed to change these.

I would put the large one on and then when the thread got down low it would start. So as you can see there are three sizes. I should be changing them according to the thread size. Today I did a large piece on Lauren's quilt and it worked fine. 
So I have had a productive week. I learned how to make button holes and learned how to fix the tension on my machine. I also found out why my new machine only wound half bobbins. I need to take it in and he can adjust it. Just thought it just did it that way. I guess it doesn`t hurt to ask questions.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, I once was told to change the tension to fix this problem, but it's been a while, and now I can't remember if I needed to increase or decrease - hmmm...have to check that out again.