Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 19 December 2014

What a day but so happy with what I got accomplished. I am now down to one gift left to make.

I finished this little table topper for my mother. It is a old pattern from Connecting threads. I guess I will have to post later as my phone didn't take it.

This next picture is two little doll quilts to go with Sara's quilt. They are too cute.  She will love them.

I also finished these two runners. Another pattern from Connecting threads.

I love these. They are so pretty.

I also made seven dozen peanut butter balls and four dozen cherry balls and two dozen peanut butter cookies. Another good day. So now I have two grandchildren for the night, one in bed asleep and I am not to far behind.  Good night. We are off to two hockey games tomorrow for our six year old grandsons. Should be good.


  1. Sewing, baking, and babysitting...such a busy lady! I love those snowmen!

  2. Yea! We had our Christmas on Saturday morning.