Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just checking in to say hi. Really enjoying the Bowels and Boarders contest. It takes time looking through every ones pictures but hate to miss anything. Everyone is doing a great job. I finished mine on Tuesday and can't wait to show it on the 25th.
Just wanted to keep in touch so I thought I would show a quilt that I put togeather earlier. I really like this one.


Just those little red caridnals really make the quilt.

Hope that the Road trip Quilt Along will be ready tomorrow as it looks like a rainy day tomorrow and would be nice to have something to work on. I am also working on a Halloween runner and hope to have it done this weekend also.

I had a ruff day today. I jammed my finger helping my husband today. It is black and blue and still is spollen about double in size. And then we left that job and a German Shepherd ran out in front of us. He didn't make it so lots of tears there. This was all before ten this morning..So I am looking forward to a day just sewing. We will see if that happens.

Well have a good evening everyone.

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