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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Projects

Well I am quite happy with what I accomplished this Sunday afternoon. It was a wet day so a great day to spend in the sewing room. I got two Christmas presents put togeather. I just have to machine quilt them.

Its funny when you put material togeather what you come up with. They almost look like dart boards.
But my mother and daughter in law will like them. Other than buying for the grandkids for Christmas I am doing quite well. I have one Christmas quilt done for one daughter in law and the other Christmas quilt is in the quilt frame. It is three quarters done. Hope to have it out this week. Than I have one more quilt to do before Christmas. Hope to have it in by next weekend. I also hope to have my tree skirt machine quilted this week also. Sounds like a busy week.


  1. Looks greats and the more you do the easier they get the next challange will be the tree skirts!