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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Simple Patchwork Christmas Stocking

Well I had a trying day trying to book my flight to San Juan for after Christmas. Still working on it and hope to have it accomplished when my husband gets home.
Between being on the phone I did get something accomplished in the sewing room. A while back there was a tutorial on making a Christmas sock. I thought it was so pretty that I saved it. I want to make four to match my tree skirt that I still haven't finish yet. I got one done this afternoon. It turned out well and was so easy to make.

The pattern is called Simple Patchwork Christmas Stocking designed by Amy Friend. I am not sure who had the tutorial but thanks. I enjoyed making it.
I also have been working on my new quilt top. I really liked how the boarder turned out.
And here is my view that I sit and glaze at when I need a break, usually because my neck is stiff. I hope to have this one out by the first of December and that will be it until after Christmas.
There is no sun today so it looks alittle dark. This river is always changing depending on the tides. It flows by the Hopewell Cape Rocks. This is why I will live here forever. I hope.


  1. Very nice Marla....the quilt border is really pretty.

  2. The quilting pattern looks great!Just maybe one day I will try quilting one.

  3. Is this hand quilted.. Such a beauty.. I lvoe the view of the river too.. So soothing. I wish I have those view from where I am sewing..