Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Well it is Monday morning again. Boys the weeks go by fast. Spent a quiet weekend fighting a cold and the cold won. The joys of spring. I did get a couple of runners done. Here is one, the New York Roundabout. I love this runner and decided I can't give this one away. I just love it.

It fits my table nicely. The machine quilting went really well and I think I am getting the hang of it. A nice way to ending the weekend by getting something accomplished. 


  1. That is one gorgeous table runner. I'm impressed! No wonder you want to keep it!

  2. No wonder you are keeping this one, it is magnificent.

  3. What a beautiful table runner. Love the shape, and color.

  4. Wow!! What a great job you did on this! Your quilting is lovely - you appear to have mastered the free motion. Thanks for doing such a great job with this!