Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Well the next two months are going to be busy for me. My mother is moving to an apartment and putting her house on the market. My brothers except for one all live away and since I am the only girl it leaves it to me to help her pack up and decide what she is taking, what she is giving away and what to throw out. The hardest part will be what to throw out. She saves everything. So if I am not around much that will be what I will be doing.

Yesterday I got a few things ready to machine quilt. I put together two runner's that are ready to quilt, one I made last summer  and the New York Surrounded.  My grand daughter Lauren started a quilt a couple of years ago but loss interest. I was waiting for her to finish it but decided it was time to finish it. She had the blocks done and put together. I just wanted it to be bigger so it would be more useful. Here it is:

Purses and shoes. what more could a girl want.

I have another birthday to go to this weekend so I finished this runner. I used Marjorie's Go Baby to make the chicken's.

Not as clear as it should be as that nice sun is shining brightly. A beautiful day. Well time to head to my mother's to start cleaning and packing. 


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