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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Meet Opal.......

Well I finally have a few moments to tell you about my day on Tuesday. I had every intention of going to Singars to buy a sewing machine on my way to PEI. Which I did. Meet the newest member of my family Opal 670:

She is very pretty and the reason I wanted her was to have an extra sewing machine for sewing and to use my quilters sewing machine for machine quilting. It's hard to switch back and forth all the time. I also wanted this one because it is compatible with mine and it has two features that I was interested in, scissors and stop and start. Two fetures that my friends have that I like. I was looking at this machine which was on sale a month ago when I was with my friends who were looking at the Tiria Baby Lock when the owner told me to come June 4th as there might be a better deal. So I patiently waited and was glad with the result. The sale was still on plus no tax and a free table which is on order. I also had to stay for this class to get the sale. I thought it was a demastration of the sewing machine but it was a appliqueing class and I made this I Pad holder. It was a free class with all the supplies.

It gave me the chance to try some new things and I came away learning lots. Very happy with the teacher and the project. It was a pleasant surprise. I had to leave early so I bought the sewing machine before the class started and picked up a few things during the class. I got two attachments for my sewing machine. The first was a binding foot and the other was a 1/4" to 1" ruler foot. I am not sure the name of it but when it comes in I will post a picture. It is quite neat. Maybe someone out there will know what I am talking about.

I had to leave early as my husband was waiting for me to go out to a lobster supper here in New Gasglow. And I had a two hour drive.  It was so good. He also spent Sunday putting together this desk for me so my sewing machine has a place for camping.

The colouring is terribe in here with all the windows. So. Saturday sounds like a really wet day so I will have time then to play on my new toy. Very pleased with my day and can't wait to see what wonderful things we will make.


  1. Nice to meet Opal....lol. Have fun!!! I project looks very nice. I've heard of the binding foot...not sure if I've seen one or not...the other one is something new; I think marla.

  2. How nice for you! Have fun with Opal.

  3. Have fun! A new sewing machine is always a great boost to more fun sewing and quilting!

  4. What a wonderful new toy! And what a great way to get an intro to it, and a lesson, and an Ipad cover all in one! Enjoy!

  5. Have fun with your new machine , Opal looks great :-) Nice little project you made as well . Enjoy your sewing weekend :-)

  6. Hooray! Now you have a buddy for your other machine! The sewing room will always be buzzing with new ideas! Have fun!

  7. I've been thinking about doing the same thing - I love my machine but it would be great to have one to piece on and one to quilt on. blessings, marlene