Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 30 August 2013

I put my Big Star quilt in and this is the pattern that I quilted for the boarder. I really like this and should be easier to remember by the time I get to the end with the flowers in the corners. This quilt I am making for myself. The material quilts really nice.

It has been quite a week. My husband pulled his back last Sunday and has been having a hard time moving. He has also spent a couple of nights at outpatients with pains in his side. I think he pulled something  but he doesn't think so. Wednesday night his mothers house burned down. The fire fighters were amazing. They saved so much of her things. All her china, all her quilts and material. We have been washing and cleaning for two days. The house is gone. They started hauling it away today and will start again Tuesday after the holiday. She is 84 and one of the strongest ladies in the community. She plans to rebuild which will be a big chore but is determined. She has a big family and will not leave this area. I am hoping September will be a better month as this one has been a hard one. Tuff times is supposed to make us stronger. We will see.

My husband just came upstairs and informed me I left the freezer door open. I haven't been down since Wednesday so need less to say there is a mess. Well I guess it is time to defrost the deep freeze. Good thing there is not much in it. By spending the summer at the trailer there is not a lot of groceries here now there is less. I guess I will have to go to the grocery store. What a week. Time to call it a night. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday morning. Wow where did this week go. Not doing to much in the sewing area but fall and winter is coming. I have been spending time with my grandchildren lately and with how fast the time goes I should do this as often as I can. Lauren and I stayed and extra day at the trailer to have a girls night. We went to one of our favourite place on PEI, The Dunes. We go every year and walk through the shops and the flower garden's. This year I took her to the cafe for her birthday. It is very pricey but was very good.

Her gingerale.

I had lobster Quishe and she had pizza. She really enjoyed it. Then we did our tour.

At the top of this picture you can see the Dunes.

She enjoys coming here and taking pictures.  I told her she could take me here when I get old to keep up the tradition. Running out of battery and left my charger on the Island.  I hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Well another blog hop is happening again starting tomorrow, The Hexie Queen. I didn't get signed up in time but can't wait to see everyone's projects. By reading the blog over the last year hexie's are the in thing. To me they seem like a lot of work. So even though I didn't get in in time I had to try it. They aren't so bad. They were kind of fun. I didn't hand sew them. I did them on the sewing machine. They are 2 and a half inch hexie's. I found it on you tube.  Here is the pillow I made out of the left over fabric from my Big star quilt. It will looked nice on my bed when I get my quilt quilted.

Another very nice project done. I love the green stripe around the boarder.

Had a great weekend with my two grandchildren here. Sara and James. The weather was great especially for the pool.

They enjoyed doing tricks for me. They left yesterday and my other two grandchildren come tomorrow for the night, Lauren and Owen. Then home for a few days to have a visit with my friends and family. Summer is going by to fast. So hope everyone enjoys the Hexie Queen blog hop as I am sure I will.

Monday, 12 August 2013


My neighbours Lillie's. There are 42 blooms. They are so pretty. I wish I could grow flowers like this.

Back to the campground for a couple of weeks. I can't believe we only have five more weeks. Where has the summer gone to.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Ho Ho Ho blog hop Winner is.......

Well the Ho Ho Ho blog hop is over and I must say I really enjoyed everyone's entry. What craftsmanship. Everyone had such nice entry's. I am very pleased at how many stopped by and thanks again for the words of encouragement for the pieces I put in. I think the snowman runner was a hit and I am glad that I decided to pass the pattern on to someone else that may enjoy it as much as I did. So the winner of the give away is:

So let's see who the winner is. I haven't even checked yet. Well I am back  and the winner is:

Wow, you were so busy. I love the snowball runner, and also the reindeer mug rug you made from the panel. It is great to see so many ideas. Thank you for sharing a lovely giveaway too.

Congratulations Kay. As soon as I get your address I will get that in the mail for you. Hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I did.

Looking forward to the next hop. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ho Ho Ho Its blog hop time

I hope everyone is enjoying the Ho Ho Ho blog hop. I sure am. Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and my favourite crafts to make weather it is sewing, cross stitch or painting. I don't do so much painting anymore but I do a lot of cross stitch and now sewing.

Thanks to Carol from Just let me Quilt for being our cheerleader. And thanks to Madame Sam from Sew we Quilt. They do  such an amazing job and I always look forward to whatever project they come up with next. You will find the schedule here. So enjoy. Here is the list of the August 8
Transitions For Meee ( still sleeping) 
The Boon Docks( she got her day wrong)participants for today:

Make sure you visit everyone to enjoy all their projects.

Well time for my projects. I have this book that I bought a couple of years ago" My Runners" by disa designs. This is a great book and if you get a chance to buy it you won't be sorry. The second one is also great and now I see she has a third book also. You can find them on Connecting threads. Great books to add to anyone's collection. Fun easy and something for every occasion. Here is the one I did for the Christmas theme.

I really like this piece. 

Now for my next piece which had a little more work as you can see by the pieces.

A very nice piece to do. This piece is called "Snowball Runner" designed by Lisa Bongean. It is 12" by 42" and the snowballs are 2 1/2" squares. Love this piece and it is going to be a keeper. Actually both pieces are a keeper.

Did anyone see these little tree mug rugs that someone had on a few weeks ago. Well I thought they were cute so I made a couple.

This is a paper pieced one and very easy to do. I also went shopping one morning and came across some Christmas material that I can't wait to make something with. The sale was suppose to be over but someone forgot to take the sign down so I got it for 30% off. Lucky me.

I wished I could of bought more. I did make a mug rug out of one of the blocks. I know I should of had a nice Christmas mug but hey I am at the trailer. I thought some Christmas runners would be nice also.

These could make some cute Christmas gifts. I also picked up this Christmas panel.

This could be made into some pillows or runners or a small throw. Not sure yet. So I hope everyone is enjoying the hop. Oh and what would be Christmas be without a gift. I decided someone might like the pattern for the Snowball runner and a mug rug.

 So just leave a little comment and I will have a draw went the hop is over with. If you are not a follower make sure I will be able to contact you and have a great summer before winter does appear to us. It won't be long. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy Birthday to my beautiful grand daughter who is 12 today. She has been a real joy in my life and I can't imagine what it would be like without her. With four brothers and two sons she was pretty special when she came along. I had always wanted a sister or a daughter but had to wait for a grand daughter. She is a young lady but still a tom boy at heart as you can tell by the jelly fish she is holding. We have spent a lot of time at the beach together over the years.

Happy Birthday Lauren

Thursday, 1 August 2013

LMCQAL blocks

The next two blocks are put together for the LMCQAL. Very easy and love them.

Now on to the next project. I will have to machine quilt later. For some reason I took the quilt batt home. 

Hi everyone. Really enjoying everyone's Ho Ho Ho projects. Christmas is the best time for making wonderful things. I will be back on the 8th to show my pieces.

 I have the day off today and the trailer to myself. Yeah. Just finishing the laundry and then the sewing machine is coming out. Hope everyone is having a great day as sure as I am going to.

There is a few projects that I am a little behind in. My blocks for the QAL with My Little Mushroom Cap which is sitting here on the table ready for me to work on. I have my pieces for the Ho Ho Ho done, just a couple of little things to do to get ready. If I have time I want to get started on a Halloween quilt top that I am giving to a friend for Christmas that I want to get cut out. So I think I will have a busy day. Well I better get started.