Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 30 August 2013

I put my Big Star quilt in and this is the pattern that I quilted for the boarder. I really like this and should be easier to remember by the time I get to the end with the flowers in the corners. This quilt I am making for myself. The material quilts really nice.

It has been quite a week. My husband pulled his back last Sunday and has been having a hard time moving. He has also spent a couple of nights at outpatients with pains in his side. I think he pulled something  but he doesn't think so. Wednesday night his mothers house burned down. The fire fighters were amazing. They saved so much of her things. All her china, all her quilts and material. We have been washing and cleaning for two days. The house is gone. They started hauling it away today and will start again Tuesday after the holiday. She is 84 and one of the strongest ladies in the community. She plans to rebuild which will be a big chore but is determined. She has a big family and will not leave this area. I am hoping September will be a better month as this one has been a hard one. Tuff times is supposed to make us stronger. We will see.

My husband just came upstairs and informed me I left the freezer door open. I haven't been down since Wednesday so need less to say there is a mess. Well I guess it is time to defrost the deep freeze. Good thing there is not much in it. By spending the summer at the trailer there is not a lot of groceries here now there is less. I guess I will have to go to the grocery store. What a week. Time to call it a night. 


  1. Yes! You certainly have had a week! Hope things start to look up! Love the quilting on your quilt!

  2. Oh Marla!! Merrill said you will have to put your sewing machine beside your freezer...hahaha!!!!

  3. Your quilting is wonderful!

  4. What a week you've had. Now is the time to ask God for peace and guidance. My hubby fell off his bike and thought he'd broken his hand. Thank goodness it was just injured, not broken. He's healing, and hopefully your hubby will heal, too.

  5. Sounds like u need a mini vacation from life. Too much going on.