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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter Everyone....

What a beautiful day for Easter. Finally enjoying the nice days. Snow is disappearing and the sun is warmer. Nice.  Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and have a great day. Easter breakfast at church, my grand daughter Sara is playing her violin at church this morning and then  Easter dinner at my husbands sister. Should be a great day.


Friday, 29 March 2013

An the winner is....From Stitch Me Up

Love the lady on the purse with the dog and love the little girl in the middle of your red table runner, I agree, she goes with it :)
Congratulation's Bj and I will email you later today. Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you enjoy:

Happy Birthday Julia.... Quilt Give away

Richard and Tanya are celebrating their beautiful daughter's first birthday with a chance to win a quilt. That is such a generous give away.  She is the reason they started quilting and by the looks of their quilts they are doing a beautiful job.

So hop on over and wish Julia a Happy Birthday and put your name in for a chance to win one of their beautiful quilts.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

New York Roundabout Again

Our little project that Marjorie, Connie and I made on our craft afternoon. The New York Roundabout Again. I got the pattern in Amerest on our fall outing to a quilt show and fabric shopping. It was designed by Karen fromSew Karen-ly Created. Karen was the lady I took my first free Motion class from with Connie. Then I wasn't quite ready but it did lead to a whole new quilting experience. With the new sewing machine and a couple more classes  it was a lot easier. My old Kenmore just didn't cut it. Well back to the runner. Very easy pattern but when you first look at it we weren't quite sure. It looked like a challenge.

It started with a paper piecing and the points turned out well. Sewing together was easy and the curves were right on. The runner is 31' BY 50" so a nice size for a table.
Last night at craft night I went and helped the girls make aprons. Marjorie wasn't with us when we first made them last winter and a couple of the other girls wanted to make them again. I made them last month for my daughter n law and grand daughter.

A very easy pattern and they got them mostly together in one evening with a little help of course. My grand daughter's  Sara and  Lauren are here for the night so a PJ party later. So hope everyone has a great weekend and happy sewing. Tomorrow I draw for the winner of my Stitch Me Up Blog. So come back to see who the lucky winner is and if you haven't  entered there is still time until tomorrow noon. Good night.

Monday, 25 March 2013


Changed my mantel in my living room. I am so tired of the pine after 35 years but not sure what to do with it.  If I was brave I would paint it and I think I will next winter.  So I went with a country theme. My friend and I made this applique picture with wool flannel so this seemed like the logical place to display it. I bought the bird house when I was on my trip to the Amish country. We had supper with a Amish family and their son made these bird houses and sold them at his family's gift shop. He was probably around fourteen. I thought it was so cute.

It is a cute little picture that my friend Marjorie had in one of her many craft books that I wanted to try. The little box I bought on our trip this year on Curasso. Our last Island on our cruise. It is a Secret box with a hidden compartment. We collect puzzel boxes and now have a few. The grand kids like to figure out hout to open them and put them back together. I thought the little birds went well with this picture. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I just finished another cross stitch piece. I wonder who will get this one for Christmas. I should have most of my gifts made before summer then that gives me the rest of the year to make something for me. Sometimes though gifts go out as fast as I make them between Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. I need another birthday gift by the first of April. What should I make? Oh I forgot the cross stitch piece. Here it is.

I am not sure if I will frame this or make it into a pillow. Depends if I find a nice frame or not.

And I also received a book that I won from Hillbilly Handiwork's. It came this week. An interesting quilt book and looks very challenging.

Thanks for the book. I look forward to trying something from it. 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

An Easter Runner.

Well I had a very nice snow day yesterday and made this little Easter runner.

Isn't it cute. I enjoyed making this. It is a very easy pattern and it is a quilt as you go so when you get it together and applique everything on you just have to bind it and it is finished. I got the pattern from a book called My Runners by Disa Designs. It has some very nice runners for all the different holidays. I have done a Halloween runner and now the Easter runner. There are two books and both of them has some wonderful patterns. You can find these books on Connecting Threads or maybe your local quilt shop.

I am putting my pillow back on as I made a mistake and deleted some of my posts. That is the smarts coming out of me concerning the computer. I was very happy with the pillow and I wanted everyone to see it. It is for my son and his wife for Christmas to go with the quilt I made them. I hope to have that quilt in the frames by the first of the week. The quilt that has been giving me so much trouble will finally be out of the frames by morning. All though I am very happy with the quilting on it it was just hard quilting. The next one better be be easier, I hope. I wouldn't be unlucky to have two quilts in a row that quilts hard, would I? 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Well today is my day to show you the wonderful things I have been working on. Thanks to Jane from Jane's Fabrics who is our cheerleader for this Blog Hop. Thanks to Madame Sam, Debbie from Busy as can be and Cyndi from Bee Tree Designs  for the patterns.

 I had fun with this particular blog as I do a lot of cross stitch. I haven't done this type of stitchery before but have seen a few from other blogs and was interested in doing this. Here are some of the pieces I have been working on.

This blog started around Valentine's Day so this was a runner that I wanted to do. This cute little girl went with this pattern so well that I had to fit her in. 

This was the next project that I wanted to do after I received the patterns. I made this one into a wall hanging.

Then this lady who was serving tea was so cute I had to do her also. I made a mug rug out of her.

And I also did the same pattern to make a matching tea towel.

So I was having so much fun with the patterns I also did the lady walking the dog and made her into a purse.

It was a pattern that my friend Marjorie had and we did it one night in our craft night. It is a cute little bag. So I hope you enjoyed all the things that I have put together and now on to a little fun, a GIVE AWAY. Since I love to do cross stitch I decided to give away a cross stitch pattern with the fabric and all the colours you will need to complete the project. The framing of course will be up to you. I hope you will enjoy the Stitch Me Up blog and visit everyone that is participating. So all you  have to do is  leave a comment and I will draw a winner at the end of this blog.

Here is the schedule for today:
WEDNESDAY March 20th

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Clue four Mystery Quilt

I am a little behind on my Mystery Quilt from Lindy's Threads. She has already posted clue five and I just finished clue four this morning. The blocks are coming together nicely and should be pretty when put together.

There are to be five of these and four of the next ones.I like how the block looks. It's very interesting doing a Mystery Quilt and seeing how it comes together. I have clue five and in the process of doing those.

Well time to get ready for my visit from Marjorie and Connie. Should be lots of laughs.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded Fionished...

Well put together not quilted. I must say this could be my favourite so far.

This went together so well. Every piece fit perfectly. What a nice change. I am pretty sure that Mark and Jennifer should love this. I hope it quilts well.

It is 90 by 108 inches. I wish it was a couple of inches wider.  So I think 90 will be the length and the 108 will be the width. It should cover a queen bed nicely. Craft day with Marjorie and Connie tomorrow. Wonder what wonderful things we will come up with tomorrow.  Saturday is national quilt day so five of us are getting together to make a large pillow. I think I will make one to match this and then their Christmas presents will be done.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Stephanie would like for you to visit her blog. She has a cute little bag to give away. You get to pick the colour you would like. She has just started following me. Thanks Stephanie.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded

Well very happy with what I got accomplished this weekend on my black and white quilt that my son would like for Christmas. He had asked awhile ago for a black and white quilt. It took me awhile to gather up the  material as it is a colour I didn't have any of. I have been picking up a few pieces here and there when I found some  that I liked. I got some bigger pieces on my bus trip last summer to Pennsylvania. It is now coming together. Here is the start of it.

There are twelve blocks like this.

This block is the next step and there are 31 of these. I will add a white block to each end and they will be the sashing between these blocks. Now comes the fun part, putting it together. The outside pieces are a lot darker which will pull it together. It will be 89 by 108 when I am finished. A good size quilt. I hope I quilt it faster than the last quilt I have in the frames. I hope to have this finished this week.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Blog Hop Give Aways......Starts Today

It starts today. Lots of give aways. Isn't it exciting. Just head over to the Quilting Gallery to find out who is parpicipating. This is my first time joining but I played along some last year. 

Since spring is around the corner I thought some nice spring colours would be a nice give away. There is 3 1/4 meters and the back piece is a little over 1/2 meter. It is a piece left over from a project I was working on but still there will be lots of  enjoyment out of it.

There is also a couple of little project patterns that I found that would be fun and quick to work up. You don't have to be a follower to play but just make sure I can reach you. I hope you will join following me to see what I have been working on. I have enjoyed this blog so much this year and have learned so much. It is now a part of my day. Have a great day and have fun joining in everyone's give aways.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Blog Hop Party

The Blog Hop Party starts tomorrow and I will be joining in on the fun and  having a give away. Hope you will all be there to join in on all the great give aways. Remember to go to the Quilting Gallery tomorrow and see who is taking part and I will be posting my give away in the morning. Good luck to everyone.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Well my daughter in law Jodi was down tonight and received her birthday present. I made my mother an apron for Christmas and Jodi really liked it and wanted me to make her one.

So while I made one for her I made a smaller version also for my grand daughter Sara. They both love to bake. Jodi said she has never owned an apron before. They both also love sea glass so I got her a necklace and earrings while I was in Pureto Rico. She loved those also. Both grandchildren are down for the night and now are tucked into bed where I am also headed for soon. It has been a busy day with a lot accomplished.

WIP Wednesday

Well it has been a very productive week. I have been neglecting a few things like housework, laundry and my daily walks for working in the sewing room. It's a good thing my husband doesn't mind laundry. I had it all sorted. Later after coming back from craft afternoon with Marjorie and Connie, he had it all done. I just had to fold and put it away. Now if he would just learn to fold. Now don't press my luck.

Now for some of the things I have finished this week.

The pin cushions that Marjorie, Connie and I worked on at our last craft day.

My winter cardinal quilt that I was so happy with. My first machine quilting.

This little topper for a friends birthday.

This little St. Patrick's Day runner that turned out really well.

And the biggest job this week is getting these two shelves up and all my fabric sorted. No wonder I didn't have time for house work.  But this was a lot more fun. I am also working on a black and white quilt for my son and his wife for Christmas and still quilting that quilt I have in the frames.

This is it for me for this week although there are a few other things I am working on. I am linking up to Monika and Lee. Pop over and see what everyone else is working on. Have a great week and have fun sewing.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weekend cleanup.

Well I spent the weekend working on sorting my material and seeing what I actually have. I solved the dilemma of the coffee pot situation. My husband went down today and added a couple more shelves. It is really coming together. It looks great.

These two shelves were added. The coffee pot is a little high but I won't have to worry about it leaking on my sewing machine. I covered the wicker dresser top to make an ironing board. It works great. The rack is a great place to hang future quilts waiting to be quilted.

I refolded the material and sorted them into different colour's. I put  the pieces of material on card board  that I will be using on the back of future projects. 

Just cleaned up the centre shelves. It is looking great.

I also worked on a couple of runners this weekend for St Patrick's Day. I was very happy with these.

I did the leave pattern again and the little hearts looks like four leaf clovers. 

Well a very productive weekend and now onto the next project. Always Something to do. Fun, fun, fun. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

My first machine quilted quilt.  I was quite scared but very happy with the results. This quilt I made a couple of years ago and it was another one sitting in my pile. Someone else on the blog machine quilted this same quilt awhile back and I then knew I had to try.

I used the walking foot to go around the tree branches which worked out well. I was going to do some machine quilting around the branches but felt it looked more natural this way. 

I decides to go with leaves on the boarder. They went really well I used to do a lot of tole painting and oil painting so painted a lot of leaves. So it made it flow quite well.

I decided where this was my first quilt I wanted to keep the boarder on the outside of the sewing machine so I added a flower pot at the corner so it would seem like a vine all around the quilt. 

So the out come of the leaves turned out really well. When the whole quilt was finished it almost looked like a hand quilted quilt at a distance. Well now that I have done this one I might just get to that pile that needs quilted. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Winner Is

And the winner is:

Great job. I decided I needed a sewing machine covers too so I kicked out part of one yesterday, but I did not have the cute little applique on the front.

If you could let me know your address I will get that in the mail.  Thanks and congratulations.