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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded

Well very happy with what I got accomplished this weekend on my black and white quilt that my son would like for Christmas. He had asked awhile ago for a black and white quilt. It took me awhile to gather up the  material as it is a colour I didn't have any of. I have been picking up a few pieces here and there when I found some  that I liked. I got some bigger pieces on my bus trip last summer to Pennsylvania. It is now coming together. Here is the start of it.

There are twelve blocks like this.

This block is the next step and there are 31 of these. I will add a white block to each end and they will be the sashing between these blocks. Now comes the fun part, putting it together. The outside pieces are a lot darker which will pull it together. It will be 89 by 108 when I am finished. A good size quilt. I hope I quilt it faster than the last quilt I have in the frames. I hope to have this finished this week.


  1. I have never made a black/white quilt, but I would love this one. :D Your son is one lucky man. :)

    1. Yes I should have it together by tomorrow. It is coming along nicely.