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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Weekend cleanup.

Well I spent the weekend working on sorting my material and seeing what I actually have. I solved the dilemma of the coffee pot situation. My husband went down today and added a couple more shelves. It is really coming together. It looks great.

These two shelves were added. The coffee pot is a little high but I won't have to worry about it leaking on my sewing machine. I covered the wicker dresser top to make an ironing board. It works great. The rack is a great place to hang future quilts waiting to be quilted.

I refolded the material and sorted them into different colour's. I put  the pieces of material on card board  that I will be using on the back of future projects. 

Just cleaned up the centre shelves. It is looking great.

I also worked on a couple of runners this weekend for St Patrick's Day. I was very happy with these.

I did the leave pattern again and the little hearts looks like four leaf clovers. 

Well a very productive weekend and now onto the next project. Always Something to do. Fun, fun, fun. 

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