Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 19 December 2014

What a day but so happy with what I got accomplished. I am now down to one gift left to make.

I finished this little table topper for my mother. It is a old pattern from Connecting threads. I guess I will have to post later as my phone didn't take it.

This next picture is two little doll quilts to go with Sara's quilt. They are too cute.  She will love them.

I also finished these two runners. Another pattern from Connecting threads.

I love these. They are so pretty.

I also made seven dozen peanut butter balls and four dozen cherry balls and two dozen peanut butter cookies. Another good day. So now I have two grandchildren for the night, one in bed asleep and I am not to far behind.  Good night. We are off to two hockey games tomorrow for our six year old grandsons. Should be good.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back! I have missed blogging but just have been so busy getting my Christmas gifts ready that I just haven't had time for much. This has probably been the busiest year of my life but I have made it through. I also miss my lap top so which I find it harder to post on my mini e reader.

So what have I been up to. Getting my house back to normal after my son and his family moved out. They love their new home and I love having my space back.  Busy in the sewing room making Christmas gifts. I can just show a couple of things and then will post the other gifts after Christmas.

I made this beautiful cross stitch picture for my granddaughter to hang in her new room.

I was very happy with this picture. I had did this picture before years ago on an afghan. The frame is 18 by 18. It should look nice on Lauren's empty walls.

This is a quilt that I did for my youngest granddaughter. I love how this turned out.

This is a pattern I think I had found on the Craftsy site. Sara loves to dress up and I think all these colors of finger nail polish will be a hit. It will fit her double bed nicely. 

So this is all I will show tonight so I then will have an excuse to stop by again. I hope everyone is almost ready for Christmas. I spent the evening wrapping gifts. It didn't help that I had the flue for a couple of days this week so it put me a little behind but by Christmas eve I should be ready. So again it will be nice to be back. 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

It has been awhile, quite awhile. I was actually ready for this scene, snow. It meant that my extremely busy summer is over and I can slow down and join everyone on the blog again.  It was a beautiful afternoon and evening yesterday with the snow falling.
I have my house back now and my sewing room is mine again. My kids moved into their new home last week. After eight months of sharing my space its nice to have it back.
Let's see. What have I been up to. Working seven days a week for my husband and helping our son build his house took all my time. I finally said it was enough. With sore back and sore arms my body said it was time to stop.
My mother, her sister and daughter and I went on an amazing trip to London, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  What a trip. It was so much fun. I can't believe we saw so much.

I can't seem to get anymore pictures to load.

Busy in the sewing room making Christmas presents. Pictures later. I miss hanging out with my sewing buddies.
So just wanted to get back and say hi and will be back soon.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hi everyone.
What a great hop, See you into Sept. Everyone had such nice projects. It was a nice way to get back into the fall with such a busy summer
I have a winner from my hop. I did it a little differently this time. Since I am driving to work and am using my phone I asked my husband to pick a number between one and fifty. I didn't tell him what it us for. He had the number in his head and wouldn't tell me until I told him why. I wouldn't tell him until he told me the number. I hope this is fair. He picked 34. So the winner is

Dorian from Ridge Top Quilters. I will get that in the mail as soon as I get her address or when I get home next weekend.  Congratulations Dorian. I hope you enjoy your material.

I guess I deleted the picture of the fabric so just look at my last big and it is there.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I really enjoyed this hop and everyone's projects.

Monday, 8 September 2014

See You In September Bog Hop

Where did the summer go? I can't believe that it has been June since I posted. I thought this was a great blog hop to participate in. I had such a great beginning on getting things done this summer but with getting so busy with work and helping our son build his house I wasn't sure I would get anything done for this hop. There was weeks that I never even got close to my sewing machine. Boys I miss that quiet time.
 I finally got a Saturday to myself at the trailer and it was amazing what I got done. I finished my gingham project and finished the three projects I needed for this hop. Everybody has done such a great job so far. Can't wait to see the rest.  Yeah. 
Here is my gingham project.

A cute little apron pattern that I found. It has a large gingham on the bottom and a tiny gingham for the top. The red polka dot material I found in Pennsylvania on a bus trip I went to a few years ago. My mother loves apron's so I will add this to her Birthday gift. 

My next project is a little cross stitch picture that I did for myself. June is my Birthday so it caught my eye.

I love these tiny little pictures. A cute frame from Kay's Custom Framing. Put it together myself.


A piece of art stretched on a 9 by 12 canvas using Batiks material. A fun project to do on a Sat afternoon. I got this book from Connecting Threads. 

This book is filled with lots of fun projects to do. Next.

A stained glass runner made with Batiks material. Another great book from Connecting Threads. Both books were less than twenty dollars each.

Full of great runners that I can't wait to make.

I picked up a couple of packages of
 hexagon charm packs 's. I came across this pattern and thought it was so cute. 

I love the little bees that are flying all around the quilt. I wish I had time to machine quilt it but that will be a winter project.

I don't know if some of you remember this quilt that I made last year that I gave to my son and his wife for Christmas. Well this is the one that was lost in a house fire last February.

So this is the new one I made for them for this Christmas. The one above I had hand quilted. I gave me quilt frames away as I had no plans to hand quilt again as it bothers my shoulder. I am a little nervous  to machine quilting it. I am sure that I can do it but still a little nervous. 

I bought the material from Connecting Threads. I love the colours in this one.

They saw a picture of this quilt so I made up the pattern. I used the stars from the Star Stash quilt I made a while ago and the centre is the rail fence pattern. I make the stars first and built the quilt around it. It actually went together really well. I still want to put one more boarder around it to make it 100 inch square.  I had to order more material and have gotten to busy to get it added. 

So this summer I did get a lot accomplished. Can't wait to see what comes next. Lots of ideas running around my head. . I miss taking the time to blog. 
So I want to thank Madame Sam for another great idea for a hop and Shari for organising it. Nice to have something to work for.

Also there will be a give away. Since I haven't posted a thing this summer I hope everyone stops by and leave a little comment. It has been such a busy summer with work and helping our son build his house that I had to give up a few things that I love to do. I will be back soon. Now for the give away. There will be a random draw on Sept 16th at the end of this hop and here is the prize. I just finished another project that I will post later and I had quite a bit of fabric left over. 


There is a meter of print and a large piece of solid. Enough to make something wonderful.

Also here is the schedule for today:
Tuesday, September 9
  1. Just Let Me Quilt
  2. Marjorie’s Busy Corner
  3. The Quilting Queen Online Blog
  4. Marla’s Crafts
  5. K and S Sweets and Stitching

Hope everyone is enjoying the hop and hope to be back blog hopping soon. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

   I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. The internet here on Prince Edward Island is terrible. If I couldn't use my phone to go on I wouldn't use it at all. To much tin around me with all these big trailer's.

  I have got a few things done between working. My husband gives me a day off once in a while LOL. Today is one of them. This quilt belongs to a friend of mine. I pieced it for her quite a few years ago. She couldn't seem to get it together. She was going to hand quilt it but it has sat in her cupboard for to long and she asked me to machine quilt it. It turned out well, I think.

I used this design that I love.  She should be happy with it. I will deliver it next weekend when I go home.

I made this little runner and mug rugs out of the pieces I cut off of the Star Stash quilt. I couldn't throw them away. It made such a cute little runner. Each pin wheel is 3" . It is ready to machine quilt.

This picture of this baby quilt didn't turn out to well. It is the Jacob's Ladder pattern that I made a while ago. My neighbor's daughter is having a baby and wanted a homemade quilt for a keep sake. It is ready to machine quilt. Hopefully this weekend.

I wish the print would show up better. It is so pretty.

I put this pretty green flannel on the back. It should be so soft. 
This quilt I finished today, I started this winter. It is left over material from another project. I made one like this already this winter and I love how it goes together. I added another three blocks to this one. A nice size lap quilt.

Finely the sun has come out. It is suppose to be a wet weekend. That's fine, I can find lots to do. Time to think about supper. See you soon.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday

I think if I keep my eyes shut it is still winter out. It is so cold and wet. It is not even funny any more. I told my husband if it doesn't warm up I was quitting work and going home. My feet has been wet for a week now. I used to enjoy working but now I just want to go home even though my house is full. Enough complaining. It won't do any good. LOL
It is time for W.I.P Wednesday again. I finally got the Star Stash quilt done. Connie and Marjorie has had theirs done for a while. So I have finally caught up. Yeah.

This one went together very nicely. It is the first quilt that when you squared up the block that is was perfectly 10" square. You can get this pattern from Connecting Threads sight.  That is where I bought the material. I give this pattern a 10. I am not sure how I will machine quilt this. Maybe I will wait and see how the girls quilt theirs.

I also finished two more of these wall hangings. 

One is now hanging in my trailer and I have an extra for a gift.  I love how this piece went together. 
So stop on over and visit Monika at the Needle and Thread Network and see what everyone else is working on. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Boys another week gone. Where does the time go? I am happy to say that I do have May flowers. Remember an earlier post I didn't expect much until June but here they are.

The snow was to the top of that rock the first of May and these happy little blooms came through. Nice.

A good week getting things done. I finished this lap quilt. It turned out really pretty. A pattern from the Missouri Quilt Company.

Another gift for Christmas. 

The son  that never buys me a Mother's day gift brought me this beautiful hanging basket. I was so surprised that I had to give him a hug. Ryan told me to enjoy them as it might be the only gift for the next five years. That would be just like him.
I was down to my friend Marjorie's Monday and put together this wall hanging for my friends birthday tomorrow. I hope she will like it.

I love this piece. I have two more on the go. One for me and an extra just encase I need another gift. 
So tomorrow I head back to Prince Edward Island to start working with my husband again. My sewing machine is all packed in the car with a few little projects to work on when the erg hits me and rainy days. So head on over to The Needle and Thread Network and see what everyone else is working on.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am hooking up with Monika with the Needle and Thread Network again to show what I did get accomplished this week even though I spent part of the week laid up with my back. A bad weekend but a visit to the chiropractor on Monday got me going again. I had a popped rib and the lower part of my back decided it didn't want to get out of bed. It didn't help that I had gone on a convention for Tops in Fredericton this weekend. I missed Saturday morning but did manage the afternoon and the banquet. Sunday was bad getting in the vechicle to go home and Monday was worse. Feeling better now.
Since I didn't post last week this is over the last two weeks.

I finished another weekender except for the buttons on the pockets. It is now ready for my big trip in the fall. I helped a lady who was given a quilt frame  how to work it and she gave me this beautiful red material. It should be nice for my carry on.

I made this quilt two summers ago and finally got it quilted. I was going to hand quilt it but did it on the machine. It turned out really well. I had a better picture but for some reason it failed to load. I love the little red boarder around the out.

I also got some more blocks done for the Star Stash that Connie, Marjorie and I are working on. I have forty done and forty more to go. And I also got a little lap quilt put together which I am taking with me to craft night this evening to put together to machine quilt. I hope to do that this weekend.  So all in all I got quite a lot done.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

My friend Joyce donated this painting she did for the silent auction at the benefit For may son Mark. She did an amazing job. My husband loved it so he bought it for me for our anniversary. It looks very nice on my wall. It is a beautiful painting. Some days I do miss painting but I do love to sew more.
The benefit did very well and the food was amazing. A Roast beef dinner. They made a good amount of money to put towards their new home. Living in a small community, everyone is so good. Some people I did not even know. There was a lot of nice gifts and everyone left happy. A great evening.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I am signing up with Monika at the Needle and Thread Network. So head on over and see what everyone else is working on, Of course after you read mine first. LOL

Another week gone but nice to see that spring has finally sprung. How fast the snow left.  My four feet of snow in my flower bed is now down to a foot but it is coming. There has been a few incidents with washed out roads and a town that flooded near by but things are getting back to normal. My husband got back to work yesterday and my son's new home will be started on Monday. All is well.

I got so much accomplished this week. I am so pleased. These two spring runners. I am not sure how I got one bigger than the other but both turned out very well. This is a nice pattern from Connecting Threads. I recommend this kit. Beautiful material and went together so nicely. 

I picked this magazine up in April. The quilt on the front was designed by Lizza Alexander. I know she has a blog that I had first seen this quilt. So I picked it up. Very nice.

In this magazine was this little door hanger. I wanted to make this for my mother for mother"s day. I made four. A very fun project and so quick. I recommend this pattern also. So now I got three gifts done that I needed.
I actually found the same button that showed in the magazine at our local quilt shop. Nice.

So with four I get to keep one for myself. Love this project also. A nice piece for my entry way.

While I was away on vacation I did these three cross stitch pictures. When  I was to Micheal"s last week I found these frames on sale. I needed 8" by 8". Perfect for these pictures.

These two will be put away for Christmas gifts.

I thought I would give this one to my daughter n law for her birthday. She was the one who lost her home. I thought it was appropriate. It says "Light the way Home". 

So as you can see, A good week. Now time to get dressed and since I have the house to myself I am heading back to the sewing room for the morning, meeting with a couple of friends for sewing this afternoon and craft night tonight with the girls. A good day.