Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Friday, 13 June 2014

   I haven't posted for a couple of weeks. The internet here on Prince Edward Island is terrible. If I couldn't use my phone to go on I wouldn't use it at all. To much tin around me with all these big trailer's.

  I have got a few things done between working. My husband gives me a day off once in a while LOL. Today is one of them. This quilt belongs to a friend of mine. I pieced it for her quite a few years ago. She couldn't seem to get it together. She was going to hand quilt it but it has sat in her cupboard for to long and she asked me to machine quilt it. It turned out well, I think.

I used this design that I love.  She should be happy with it. I will deliver it next weekend when I go home.

I made this little runner and mug rugs out of the pieces I cut off of the Star Stash quilt. I couldn't throw them away. It made such a cute little runner. Each pin wheel is 3" . It is ready to machine quilt.

This picture of this baby quilt didn't turn out to well. It is the Jacob's Ladder pattern that I made a while ago. My neighbor's daughter is having a baby and wanted a homemade quilt for a keep sake. It is ready to machine quilt. Hopefully this weekend.

I wish the print would show up better. It is so pretty.

I put this pretty green flannel on the back. It should be so soft. 
This quilt I finished today, I started this winter. It is left over material from another project. I made one like this already this winter and I love how it goes together. I added another three blocks to this one. A nice size lap quilt.

Finely the sun has come out. It is suppose to be a wet weekend. That's fine, I can find lots to do. Time to think about supper. See you soon.


  1. Busy, busy! Lots of pretty things you've made.

  2. I can't believe I missed this post,,,everything looks great!!! Joyce's quilt turned out nice