Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

I  am just sitting here to tired to get up and go to bed. Since it is only 8:30 I guess it's to early. My husband and I went to our Community Hall and helped with the yearly Turkey supper. We served over 600 and my feet feels it. It rained all day but the people kept coming. They put on the  best turkey supper ever. It's nice to get togeather and see people we haven't seen in a long time.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Well I must say that it is 11:30 on Friday morning and I have finally got the quilt top done for the RTQA. I would of liked to have it for a queen size bed but with running out of material I settled for a twin/double. It was 74 by 88.

I am quite happy with it and I think I am going to take it in and have it machined quilted. I just have so many quilt tops to quilt now that just adding this to the pile is to much.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Well I can't believe it is after ten o'clock. I went down to the sewing room at seven o'clock to make another block for the RTQA and decided to finish two. Now the blocks are done and I just have to put it togeather. The plan is to finish it tomorrow.

This block is called the Diamond square.

This one is called the Friends Star. I am not sure that it looks right because I really am running out of material and I had to put in extra colours as my pieces were not big enough. I will decide tomorrow if I will use it when I am not so tired. I will see what it looks like when I put the boarders around it.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Well I had the whole day to myself and I didn't get any more done than I would of had had someone been here. I got one more block done for the RTQA. Two more to go. It will just be the four extra blocks as my material is running out. This block is Arizona star. We went to Arizona a couple of years ago and my favourite place of all is Sedonna. We love this place and hope to get there again some day. Here is the block.

This is probably the brightest block in my quilt but that is all right as there is alot of brown. It should go well. I also started the Victoria Star but scraped that one. It did not go together well and it wasted alot of material. I did not like it at all. It looked like a quick block as it was a paper piecing piece and should of been simple. Looks can be deceiving.

I also got my Flannel Design wall up. I should of had this years ago. I got it from Connecting Threads. Its 60" by 72" with 2" grid lines. They had it on sale for $14.99. I could not make one for that price. It fit nicely on my wall.


There is a contest going on and if you go to pinterest and repin this picture I would have a chance to win this fabric.  If you go here and help me to win this. This is the picture of the fabric that I had chosen.

Isn't it pretty. So wish me luck that I get enough pins.

Give away

Only a few hours left for this give away.Jenny of Elefantz Has some pretty fabric to give away. Hurry over.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Well it has been an busy day. I had my grandson Owen for the day. After supper when he was picked up I got down to the sewing room and got another block done for the RTQA. I know there is only 16 blocks but I want to add at least four more blocks. So I went on the Quilters Cashe and found the blocks I needed. Since Em picked blocks to represent her trip I thought I would pick blocks to represent places that I have been to.
 Since I just back from Pensylvania to visit the Amish I thought this block fit prefectly, The Amish Star. It was a nice block to put togeather and I was happy with it. Its a little dark but goes nice with the other blocks.

I have never been on the Quilters Cashe before. Its a great site with tons of different blocks. That will be one of my favourites. Tomorrow I have the day to myself so hope to have this quilt top done this week.

Monday, 24 September 2012

My win has arrived

I almost forgot to mention that my win arrived today. This is my first win and I was so excited. Thanks Betty Lou.. The charm pack has some beautiful prints. This is my very first charm pack. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it. Any ideas. The extra little gifts were very nice. Thanks again.

RTQA and My Pile of Fabric

Here is the fabric I picked up while I was away on my bus trip. The prices are so good that I wanted to buy so much more. Even the most expensive is more than half what we pay here in New Brunswick. The tall pile of colours I didn't pay more than $2.74 a yard. Oh how I wanted to buy more but I figured my husband would like to have groceries for the week. ha ha. It was a find. 

Here is the last block for my RTQA. I wasn't sure that I was going to like it when I was cutting it out but am very happy with it. Also a picture of all the blocks togeather. I think I will make four more and add some boarders to make it a queen size. I hope I have enough material. I have lots of the brown and light yellow. I was making it for my bedroom but the green clashes with the colour of my room so I might paint one wall the brown colour. I shall see how it fits my bed.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The best trip ever.........

I have finally finished all my emails and catching up with what everybody was doing on my dashboard. I had the best trip ever to Pennsylvania with my friend Marjorie. I took my mother on this trip and she took her friend so I invited Marjorie to go with me. We spent the week laughing, eating and visiting fabric stores and much more.

There is so much that we did it is hard to tell everything. We did a buggy ride with the Amish. Here is Marjorie and I. It was really nice.
The Amish makes such beautiful quilts and so many it was hard to see them all. We visited a couple of farms that had gift shops. The crafts are amazing. We visited a quilt museum and wished that we had more time looking at all the fabric. I picked up alot of fabric and can't wait to start using it.
I did the trip two years ago with my mother but this trip by far was so much fun. Thanks Marjorie for the great time. We will have to do it again. Here is Marjorie and I at De Millo's in Portland on the way home. They make the best clam chowder ever. It was fantastic.
We were so lucky and had this beautiful park by our hotel that we walked every morning before we started our day. This is one of my favorite pictures. We loved it.
How peaceful anf lovely. Well time for bed. I need to catch up with sleep so I can get to my sewing room tomorrow to finish my quilt block for the RTQA. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

RTQA Block

We are now to the last two blocks for the RTQA. Only one more to go after this one. Sixteen weeks go pretty fast. I don't normally get much sewing done during the summer with work and everything else going on. So it was really nice having this quilt along to follow. We are going to do some rearranging at the trailer so I have a place to set up my sewing machine for next summer. Having the machine set up at the table all summer was a pain but glad that I took it.

So here is number fifteen of the RTQA called the Kentucky chain block. I must say this is one of the easiest blocks that I have put together. Thanks Em at Sewing by Moonlight for all the hard work you did this summer.

I also got my Vintage Christmas quilt in the quilt frames. I was hoping to get it finished before I left before my trip but have to go back to PEI to work for a few days.

I probably won't be doing much posting for a couple of weeks as I won't get home until Saturday and I am leaving to take my mother on a bus trip on Sunday to Pennsylvania. Can't wait. My mother is taking a friend and I am taking a friend also. My friend Marjorie from Marjorie's Busy corner. So between the two of us we should have some quilting pictures to share. The Amish makes such beautiful quilts. The tour guide who is also a friend has already told us he will be taking us to some fabric stores. I did this trip two years ago and had a great time. I had found one Amish quilt shop at Country Kettle shops and plan to skip lunch and head right there. Can't wait. My credit card is empty so I am all set.
Well time to go and get something done so everyone have a great day. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

RTQA Block - Missoui Star

Finally got a good night sleep last night so I finished my block for the RTQA tonight after work. I had to use an extra colour as it is getting to the end of my material so it is getting used up. It turned out nice so I am pleased with it.

It will fit well with the other blocks. I plan on making a few more to make the quilt bigger to fit my bed as I really like the colours and it matches my room.

Packed up my sewing things to take home. It is almost time to close the trailer for the winter. Where did the summer go? But I am going to be glad to get back home and get into a routine again.

Twelve days before I take my mother on a bus trip to Pensylvia. Can't wait. My friend Marjorie from Marjorie's Busy Corner is coming also. We will be looking for the quilt shops. I was there two years ago and know where some of them are. Can't wait. Well time for bed. Work again tomorrow.