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Monday, 24 September 2012

RTQA and My Pile of Fabric

Here is the fabric I picked up while I was away on my bus trip. The prices are so good that I wanted to buy so much more. Even the most expensive is more than half what we pay here in New Brunswick. The tall pile of colours I didn't pay more than $2.74 a yard. Oh how I wanted to buy more but I figured my husband would like to have groceries for the week. ha ha. It was a find. 

Here is the last block for my RTQA. I wasn't sure that I was going to like it when I was cutting it out but am very happy with it. Also a picture of all the blocks togeather. I think I will make four more and add some boarders to make it a queen size. I hope I have enough material. I have lots of the brown and light yellow. I was making it for my bedroom but the green clashes with the colour of my room so I might paint one wall the brown colour. I shall see how it fits my bed.


  1. The blocks look fantastic together marla....and so does your new stash...lol. Nice win!!

  2. I really like the finished look of your quilt along blocks. And I'm jealous that you've won a giveaway! I never have, though not due to my lack of entering in them. :)