Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone.

Well Merry Christmas everyone. Just a couple of more sleeps. I am ready.

 Just finished the last of my gifts except putting the grommets in my mother's shower curtain. I can't get them to work so I guess I will have to visit my friend tomorrow and see if two brains are better than one. Other than that I am done. I even got a Birthday gift done. I hope I can do better next year, It seems every year I am still making gifts until the last minute. Maybe I work better under pressure. The gifts are all wrapped. One more batch of cookies to bake which are in the fridge and then pies tomorrow. I cook my dinner on Christmas Eve for my family.

 These are what I was working on this afternoon.

I have made eleven sets of these cute towel sets for gifts. These are a fun gift to make that work up really quick. I am not sure who had these posted but thanks. I had fun making them. 

My two grand children Sara and James playing at their concert at the Capital Theatre. James doesn't take lessons with this teacher but plays with them on their jam night so Sara's teacher which is standing centre with the violin said he could go on and play one song, The Tennessee Waltz. Sara is the little one with the long dress. She is doing so well with her violin. She loves it and we are very proud of them.

Sara with her teacher.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I finished the Christmas tree skirt today and delivered it. It looks great under my mother n laws tree. She said she has never owned a Christmas tree skirt before.

I thought it was going to be too big but it fits nicely.

Her two great grandchildren that moved home from out west. They moved into their home the weekend that Erna lost her home. They now live a half mile up the road from her. Her grand daughter Rebecca and her five children. They are all so cute. This is Paxton and Tommy.

This white cupboard was saved from her home. With a little touch of paint it makes a nice china cabinet. She now has a lovely home that I hope she will enjoy for many years. She deserves it. It has been quite a year for her. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Star Weave Tree Skirt....

This is what I spent the day working on. I wanted to make this for my mother n law  as a house warming gift but I am afraid it might be a little to big. It is 64 " square. I am not sure how big a tree she bought but if it is small this might be over powering. I might have to try another one and I know someone that does have a large tree. We will see.

It was a free pattern from Craftsy. It is called Star Weave Tree Skirt. Not an easy project. I would not recommend it for a beginner. It is for someone who doesn't mind tearing things out. I used the 1/4" seam but the blocks that was suppose to be 8 1/2" was closer to 8 1/4". So therefore it threw the whole pattern out. After a long day there was only one spot that I couldn't get right and that is where I am going to cut the seam for the opening. Now hopefully on Friday I will machine quilt it and put it together.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Another wet day and looks like it is going to stay wet. I am glad it wasn't all snow or we would be hibernating for the winter.
The only advantage is I am getting some Christmas presents done. I have completed three today. One I won't post as I am not sure if she reads my blog. I have Lauren's quilt done.
I woke up at six and decided to go down and put the binding on. It is all done Yea. I didn't take another picture as this shows it the best.

I can't believe I got it all done and she never saw it. I hope she likes it. 
I needed a exchange gift so went down this afternoon and made this runner.

The picture doesn't do it justice. The lighting is terrible today. The lights have been on all day. I picked these panels up this summer with the matching material. Loved how it turned out. Was made up in about an hour. Nice to have a fast project for a change.
 Now I am going to cut out a tree skirt for my mother n law. She will be moving into her new house this weekend. She lost her house a little over three months ago. They started building two and half months ago. I can't believe her family built it that quick. It is a beautiful house. She should really enjoy it. 

Friday, 29 November 2013

The winner of the Black Tie Hop.........

I almost forgot to draw for the winner of the Black Tie Boogie  hop. I used the random generator and drew number 12. The winner is:

Marla , your project is fabulous. Thank you for sharing it with us

So I just need your address and I will send your give away in the mail. A Christmas pattern and a piece of Christmas fabric. Congratulations Betsy from Quilting Fiesta.
I have been trying to find Betsy's  email and the robot thing won't let me in. I have tried four times. If someone knows Betsy from Quilting Fiesta would they let her know that she is the winner of my give away. Thanks
I learned something new about my sewing machine again. I was machine quilting Lauren's quilt and other pieces and having trouble with the tension. I was getting this type of stitch.

It was getting very frustrating. But it didn't happen all the time. I would change the needle, rethread it and change the bobbin. Sometimes changing the bobbin would help. So I decided to take it to Singers  where I bought it and ask their opinion. Of course it worked fine. So he thought it might be the thread. It would work better with the thread standing up but he said it should be lying down.  I couldn't get it to work laying down. So finally it came to him it was these things. The more I think of it it worked fine when it was a full spool of thread and got worse as the spool got smaller. Not thinking I needed to change these.

I would put the large one on and then when the thread got down low it would start. So as you can see there are three sizes. I should be changing them according to the thread size. Today I did a large piece on Lauren's quilt and it worked fine. 
So I have had a productive week. I learned how to make button holes and learned how to fix the tension on my machine. I also found out why my new machine only wound half bobbins. I need to take it in and he can adjust it. Just thought it just did it that way. I guess it doesn`t hurt to ask questions.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Well what a wet and cold day here. I guess I won't complain, it's not snow. A very productive day, did a little decorating, called the phone and cable company and lowered my bill $30.00 a month and had  a great day in the sewing room. I finished a set of pillows that I need for our Tops auction/Christmas party.

I love these pillow covers. Our craft night made these last winter and I find them great for easy gifts. I am sure the girls will love these.

Next I put in my gran daughter Lauren's quilt. I am just doing an easy stitch as she is twelve and won't care. This is my first queen quilt so thought I would start slow. It is going quite well. Since my husband is away for a few days I thought this would be a good thing to pass the time. I will go down later and do some more on it. I did quite a large area this afternoon.

This is something I bought when i went to Turner's Christmas at the coliseum. This lady has been making them for 22 years. It works great since I do a lot of walking and hate to wear hats.

You pull the bottom up so it will go over your mouth and nose and then you can pull the hat part down and makes a great scarf. I wore it once and loved it. Hats make my head itch and does a terrible job on your hair. This was comfortable. It keeps you warm and not to hot. And your hair does not get matted down. I love it. It is fleece and looks like it may be something easy to make. I hope to make one for my mother as she walks a lot also. A great find. Well my tea is almost done so will go and get a little more done.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Well it is Monday evening and it is the first time I have been able to sit since last Thursday. What a busy week. Baby sitting two little five year old boys is hard work although I did get a lot done while they ran around playing. Other than wanting lots of snacks, baking cookies and playing they were really good. I got a lot of house work done, packing away things so I could start decorating I was happy. Missed my sewing rooms but had a few accomplishments that I haven't had time to post.

When I was away on vacation last winter I finished a few cross stitch pictures that I just finished framing for Christmas gifts.

I was trying to decide weather to go with the light mat or the dark blue for this one.Both look nice.

I really like this one. My pictures are terrible but the light is not good. This is just two variegated color's with two pink buttons in the centre of the two large flowers. I think this one will go to my mother. It will look nice with the shower curtain that I plan on making.

My daughter n law if a nurse so I think she will like this. She is also getting this tree skirt. A nice piece from Connecting threads. Went together nicely and I just did a swirl with stars over the whole thing. 

These are the things I got accomplished before those two little boys came. So my goal today was to make this vest for my grand daughter Sara, our violin player. She is now a member of the Sussex Avenue  fiddler's. She needed this vest for her custom.

It is the New Brunswick tartan. What a job. It is so different than making a quilt. Reading the pattern was something else. I have never put a lining in anything before. I think I tore out the shoulder's three times before. I had it right. I had to call my two trusting friends to teach me how to use my button hole maker. My old machine I had for over twenty years and didn't even realise I had a build in button hole maker. So with a few laughs Connie and Marjorie taught me how to make buttons. Once we figured it out it is pretty easy. Thanks Connie and Marjorie. I learned about six things today on my machine. A good day.

 My son asked me yesterday what was taking so long to make this vest so I had to tell him it is a whole different thing to sew clothes than quilts and crafts. I told him not to worry , my goal was to drop it off Thursday when I went to town. He said he would be looking for it.  I am delivering it tomorrow. I will show him. LOL

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Mystery quilt finished.

I don't know if anybody remember that last winter I participated in doing a mystery quilt. I have finally finished quilting it and I am so happy with it. I hate to give it away but I need a Christmas present for two very special friends.

The machine quilting went well and I love that new foot I bought to put the binding on with. My corners turned out perfect. The only problem I had was every time I changed my bobbin I would have loops on the top. I learned from the last time to always do a test run for every time I change the bobbin. I couldn't figure why it was doing it. But it seemed to be at the beginning of each bobbin and then it would be find. Today I was quilting another project and it was worse. Very frustrating when you haven't got a clue on how to fix the problem. So since I her hear my friend telling me look it up in your book, thanks Connie. So since I have only had my machine for a year I thought I would get my book out and come to find out the lady that sold me the machine showed me the wrong way to fill the bobbin. I was missing a step. It just wasn't winding tight enough. It is still loose at the beginning of each bobbin so I suggest that every time you put a new bobbin do a test run and save yourself the aggravation of tearing it out.

So another project done.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Black Tie Boogie Hop Starts today.

Well it is time for the Black Tie Boogie blog hop and I am honored to be a part of it. A special thanks to Vickie for all her hard work organizing this hop and thanks to Madame Sam for sponsoring yet again.

 I am amazed with all these ladies that put so much work in these hops to give us a chance to make such wonderful projects and to visit so many new people from all around the world. Oh what fun. I so enjoy looking for new ideas and fun things to make.

Well now for my project.

I am not sure if my black ties look like ties or fish. This is Batik's fabric that I had left over from a quilt that I did earlier. The roosters and hens, I used a friends baby go to cut out. It's hard to believe that it is the middle of November and the grass is still so green. Hard  to get it to hang straight  when pinned to a tree.

Look at the difference in color from outside and in.

I made this one a while ago.  Now for a little give away. Since Christmas is fast approaching a little Christmas project to work on.  Just leave a comment and I will get this in the mail to the lucky winner which will be drawn at the end of the hop.

Here is the schedule for the rest of the hop.
Black Tie Boogie Schedule

November 19
November 20
November 21
                                          Pigtales and Quilts ~ Happy Birthday Thearica !

November 22
November 25
November 26
November 27
November 28

You're going to love this hop !
I'll be cheering for you !
Have a great day and God bless you.

Black Tie Boogie Schedule

It is almost here. Tomorrow starts the beginning of some great projects. Everyone take a moment away from your busy schedules and join in. I am sure there will be some great blogs and a few give away's. What fun.. My project is tomorrow and I am pretty sure there will be a small give away. Here is the schedule;

Black Tie Boogie Schedule

November 19
November 20
November 21
                                          Pigtales and Quilts ~ Happy Birthday Thearica !

November 22
November 25
November 26
November 27
November 28

You're going to love this hop !
I'll be cheering for you !
Have a great day and God bless you.

So for the next two weeks join in.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Did anyone see this sight on face book today about how to choose a needle. http://theinboxjaunt.com/2013/11/15/how-to-choose-a-needle-for-free-motion-quilting
It was very helpful. I still find it hard choosing what needle to use.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Glad to be back.....

Well I am back and ready to get back to making some wonderful things. Oh how I have missed my sewing room and crafting with my friends. Time to finish those Christmas gifts and finish my quilt that is in the quilting frames. I am on the half way mark.
I received a package of fabric in the mail today. Did anyone sign up for the "Sunrise Kona Sunset blog for Jan 6th-17th. After I signed up I realised that I needed a certain fabric and was wondering where I would get it. Living in Canada sometimes it is hard to find a place to order. I typed in Kona fabric and came up with this great sight in Ottawa Canada. Shipping is only $5.95 for under $150.00 and free over $150.00. Can't beat that.

It is beautiful material. Can't wait to come up with an idea for this. I placed the order Sunday night and I received it today. Fast service. Here is the sight in case someone is interested.  http://www.madaboutpatchwork.com/

While I was away sitting in a hotel room I finished this cross stitch piece. 

A nice little piece for a Christmas gift. So glad to be back and I will be posting Tuesday for  The Black Tie Boogie. Hope to see you there. 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Computer crash. What a bummer.

It has been awhile since I have posted. My computEr crashed the first of last week when we went to PEI. I called my son today and he  told me I needed to send it in to have it fixed. Darn. So I will send it in with my husband tomorrow to drop off. Hopefully they will fix it this week. I miss it and miss visiting everyone's sight.
I need to post the winner of my post for the little witch wall hanging. I used the random generator and the lucky number that it drew was number 72. That would be Debi of colourpoint quilter. Congratulations Debi and I will get that in the mail as soon as I get your address.
I want to thank everyone that stopped by and wanted to apologize for not being able to reply back to you all. Our motel has bad Internet and with my computer down my husbands didn't work as well.
So everyone have a great week and will be back soon.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Well it is hard to believe it is almost the end of  October. Where does the time go to?
 I want to thank Wicked  Wendy  for all her hard work for putting this blog together.And also to Madame Sam our cheerleader.
 Time to show my Halloween pieces. Halloween is a time that I don't do many crafts or decorate that much.. Another reason I enjoy these blog hops. A reason to make new and interesting things.

My grand children last Halloween. They went to Flordia this year for Halloween. I can imagine the fun that they had. Can't wait to see their pictures.

I found this mug rug pattern free on The Connecting Threads sight. A nice project to sew on a Saturday afternoon. I also had time to make this next piece. Another free pattern I found from Fave Quilts.

It looks better on the wall than my picture took. I have been practising my embroidery and doing a little machine quilting.
These are a couple of pieces that I did last year that I really like. A cross stitch piece that I turned into a pillow. A gift to a friend that I used to babysit. She loves Halloween. Her favourite holiday to decorate.

My first applique table runner that I did when I bought my new sewing machine last summer. 

I also have a little give away. It is a little late for this Halloween but if you are like me when you pack it away and bring it out the next year, you forgot you have it and get excited. I do that with Christmas gifts that I get and pack away and forget all about them until I bring them out next Christmas. It is like getting that gift twice.

So just leave me a comment for this little wall hanging. Here is the schedule for the Wicked Hop.

October 22nd

October 23rd

October 24th

October 25th
October 29th

October 30th

October 31st