Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Well it is Monday evening and it is the first time I have been able to sit since last Thursday. What a busy week. Baby sitting two little five year old boys is hard work although I did get a lot done while they ran around playing. Other than wanting lots of snacks, baking cookies and playing they were really good. I got a lot of house work done, packing away things so I could start decorating I was happy. Missed my sewing rooms but had a few accomplishments that I haven't had time to post.

When I was away on vacation last winter I finished a few cross stitch pictures that I just finished framing for Christmas gifts.

I was trying to decide weather to go with the light mat or the dark blue for this one.Both look nice.

I really like this one. My pictures are terrible but the light is not good. This is just two variegated color's with two pink buttons in the centre of the two large flowers. I think this one will go to my mother. It will look nice with the shower curtain that I plan on making.

My daughter n law if a nurse so I think she will like this. She is also getting this tree skirt. A nice piece from Connecting threads. Went together nicely and I just did a swirl with stars over the whole thing. 

These are the things I got accomplished before those two little boys came. So my goal today was to make this vest for my grand daughter Sara, our violin player. She is now a member of the Sussex Avenue  fiddler's. She needed this vest for her custom.

It is the New Brunswick tartan. What a job. It is so different than making a quilt. Reading the pattern was something else. I have never put a lining in anything before. I think I tore out the shoulder's three times before. I had it right. I had to call my two trusting friends to teach me how to use my button hole maker. My old machine I had for over twenty years and didn't even realise I had a build in button hole maker. So with a few laughs Connie and Marjorie taught me how to make buttons. Once we figured it out it is pretty easy. Thanks Connie and Marjorie. I learned about six things today on my machine. A good day.

 My son asked me yesterday what was taking so long to make this vest so I had to tell him it is a whole different thing to sew clothes than quilts and crafts. I told him not to worry , my goal was to drop it off Thursday when I went to town. He said he would be looking for it.  I am delivering it tomorrow. I will show him. LOL


  1. Three heads are always better than one!! I just had tea...lol

  2. I am clueless on clothes making. I have several button hole makers, and don't know how to use any of them. Good jobs on all the items.

  3. Hello Marla,

    Love your cross stitch, they look so lovely framed.

    Happy days.

  4. I have made that tree skirt at well and used the basic shape to make two others. Love the nubbed off corners. While I have the kit fabrics I went with red and green traditional tones as that is what they preferred. Fortunately the fabrics go with some others I have on hand also from CT so they'll show up in another quilt. You did a great job on this!