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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Well what a wet and cold day here. I guess I won't complain, it's not snow. A very productive day, did a little decorating, called the phone and cable company and lowered my bill $30.00 a month and had  a great day in the sewing room. I finished a set of pillows that I need for our Tops auction/Christmas party.

I love these pillow covers. Our craft night made these last winter and I find them great for easy gifts. I am sure the girls will love these.

Next I put in my gran daughter Lauren's quilt. I am just doing an easy stitch as she is twelve and won't care. This is my first queen quilt so thought I would start slow. It is going quite well. Since my husband is away for a few days I thought this would be a good thing to pass the time. I will go down later and do some more on it. I did quite a large area this afternoon.

This is something I bought when i went to Turner's Christmas at the coliseum. This lady has been making them for 22 years. It works great since I do a lot of walking and hate to wear hats.

You pull the bottom up so it will go over your mouth and nose and then you can pull the hat part down and makes a great scarf. I wore it once and loved it. Hats make my head itch and does a terrible job on your hair. This was comfortable. It keeps you warm and not to hot. And your hair does not get matted down. I love it. It is fleece and looks like it may be something easy to make. I hope to make one for my mother as she walks a lot also. A great find. Well my tea is almost done so will go and get a little more done.

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  1. I like the pillow covers. They are clean and fresh , bold colours but lots of open space.