Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dashboard trouble.

Has anyone having trouble with their dashboard viewing everyone's blog. Mine hasn't worked for a couple of days and was wondering if anyone has any advice on getting it to work again. I am missing out on everyone's post.
I am away for our Tops ARD in Fredericton this weekend and hope it is working again when I get home Sunday.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday again. Where does the time fly. I was very happy with what I got accomplished today. I worked at hand quilting this morning on the black and white quilt. It is coming along nicely. So much easier than the last quilt I quilted.
I actually got out to the flower garden after my walk this afternoon. I am making a goal to spend at least an hour a day out there and try to find some order in it. It got so neglected last summer after pulling my shoulder out. It is still cool but things are starting to grow.
After supper I did some more machine quilting on Lauren's quilt. I must say I am starting to enjoy machine quilting. My sewing machine works nicely. I am practising feathers which are coming along nicely. See:

I am trying a few different things on this quilt. Lauren didn't mind. The swirls do need more practise but I think I can get the hand of it. I was very happy with the block and how it is looking. I still have the outside boarder but decided to sew the binding on first to keep it in place. I must say it is a lot quicker than hand quilting. I have only worked on it a few hours for three days. Should finish it tomorrow.
I need to go and help my mother do some more packing tomorrow for awhile. Then I will load up the car to drop off on Thursday when we go to town. We are off to Fredericton this weekend for ARD. It is our Tops Rally. There are five ladies going this year and we always have fun. Then the next weekend is the big move. Hopefully the weather is good and we get some help. Everyone is always so busy. It shouldn't take long as we have a lot of things there already.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Texas Teardrops Are Started

Well it certainly has been a busy week and the next couple doesn't look any better. I am in the process of moving my mother to an apartment. I think she is starting to get excited about it. But boys there is a lot of work trying to decide what to take and how to get rid of the rest of it. She is happy that the house sold quickly so she doesn't have to worry about it. We have taken a few load up and it is going to be a cute little place for her. Her mother passed away this winter. She was 99. Now it is time for a new step in her life. I hope she will be happy and not so lonely. This apartment the people spends a lot of time with each other and she already knows quite a few people. They will look out for each other. She will be a lot closer to her grand children and her family so she can go and enjoy all the activities that they are in.

Well back to the teardrops. I have been meaning to get started at these. So this weekend I have two of my grandsons here intertaining each other, so I brought everything up to my dining room and while they run around and play I have been busy cutting and putting them together. They are all cut out and half of them are put together. I am just taking a break.

They are pretty colourful but I think they will look good. It has been raining hard here all day so it has been a good day to work on these. Well time to go and feed the kids and o'yeah my husband and then I will finish putting these together after supper.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Mystery Quilt

My Mystery Quilt is put together. Lindy's Threads posted last November about doing a mystery quilt and I thought it would be fun. If you are interested in doing this quilt just go to Lindy's thread and the clue's are there. Thanks for all the work putting it together.

A very pretty pattern and it was fun putting it together. It ended up being about 62" square. My side pieces were a little short so I put in corner blocks. You need the full 2 meters for the sides. I  had the 2 meters but must have cut off a piece for something.

Look at the difference in colour when I took one outside and one inside. I think that the colours are a truer colour on the one inside. Well I am not sure, maybe the one outside.
I got this material at the Fabric Cupboard in Moncton. It is the Kansas Trouble line, some Cattails and Clover and some Memories. I was so lucky when one day I went in and they had it on for $4.99 a meter, normally $14.99 a meter. Now on to doing some machine quilting.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Well it is Monday morning again. Boys the weeks go by fast. Spent a quiet weekend fighting a cold and the cold won. The joys of spring. I did get a couple of runners done. Here is one, the New York Roundabout. I love this runner and decided I can't give this one away. I just love it.

It fits my table nicely. The machine quilting went really well and I think I am getting the hang of it. A nice way to ending the weekend by getting something accomplished. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Well the next two months are going to be busy for me. My mother is moving to an apartment and putting her house on the market. My brothers except for one all live away and since I am the only girl it leaves it to me to help her pack up and decide what she is taking, what she is giving away and what to throw out. The hardest part will be what to throw out. She saves everything. So if I am not around much that will be what I will be doing.

Yesterday I got a few things ready to machine quilt. I put together two runner's that are ready to quilt, one I made last summer  and the New York Surrounded.  My grand daughter Lauren started a quilt a couple of years ago but loss interest. I was waiting for her to finish it but decided it was time to finish it. She had the blocks done and put together. I just wanted it to be bigger so it would be more useful. Here it is:

Purses and shoes. what more could a girl want.

I have another birthday to go to this weekend so I finished this runner. I used Marjorie's Go Baby to make the chicken's.

Not as clear as it should be as that nice sun is shining brightly. A beautiful day. Well time to head to my mother's to start cleaning and packing.