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Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Mystery Quilt

My Mystery Quilt is put together. Lindy's Threads posted last November about doing a mystery quilt and I thought it would be fun. If you are interested in doing this quilt just go to Lindy's thread and the clue's are there. Thanks for all the work putting it together.

A very pretty pattern and it was fun putting it together. It ended up being about 62" square. My side pieces were a little short so I put in corner blocks. You need the full 2 meters for the sides. I  had the 2 meters but must have cut off a piece for something.

Look at the difference in colour when I took one outside and one inside. I think that the colours are a truer colour on the one inside. Well I am not sure, maybe the one outside.
I got this material at the Fabric Cupboard in Moncton. It is the Kansas Trouble line, some Cattails and Clover and some Memories. I was so lucky when one day I went in and they had it on for $4.99 a meter, normally $14.99 a meter. Now on to doing some machine quilting.


  1. It look great and the outside pictures looks like the true colours from when I seen the blocks. Looking forward to seeing the finish quilt.
    A nice invisible clothesline holder you have there lol!

  2. wow you picked some great colours I love it. Working on mine tonight tomorrow I'm showing it to my guild, In have been running the mystery for them as well