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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Texas Teardrops Are Started

Well it certainly has been a busy week and the next couple doesn't look any better. I am in the process of moving my mother to an apartment. I think she is starting to get excited about it. But boys there is a lot of work trying to decide what to take and how to get rid of the rest of it. She is happy that the house sold quickly so she doesn't have to worry about it. We have taken a few load up and it is going to be a cute little place for her. Her mother passed away this winter. She was 99. Now it is time for a new step in her life. I hope she will be happy and not so lonely. This apartment the people spends a lot of time with each other and she already knows quite a few people. They will look out for each other. She will be a lot closer to her grand children and her family so she can go and enjoy all the activities that they are in.

Well back to the teardrops. I have been meaning to get started at these. So this weekend I have two of my grandsons here intertaining each other, so I brought everything up to my dining room and while they run around and play I have been busy cutting and putting them together. They are all cut out and half of them are put together. I am just taking a break.

They are pretty colourful but I think they will look good. It has been raining hard here all day so it has been a good day to work on these. Well time to go and feed the kids and o'yeah my husband and then I will finish putting these together after supper.