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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas everyone.

Well Merry Christmas everyone. Just a couple of more sleeps. I am ready.

 Just finished the last of my gifts except putting the grommets in my mother's shower curtain. I can't get them to work so I guess I will have to visit my friend tomorrow and see if two brains are better than one. Other than that I am done. I even got a Birthday gift done. I hope I can do better next year, It seems every year I am still making gifts until the last minute. Maybe I work better under pressure. The gifts are all wrapped. One more batch of cookies to bake which are in the fridge and then pies tomorrow. I cook my dinner on Christmas Eve for my family.

 These are what I was working on this afternoon.

I have made eleven sets of these cute towel sets for gifts. These are a fun gift to make that work up really quick. I am not sure who had these posted but thanks. I had fun making them. 

My two grand children Sara and James playing at their concert at the Capital Theatre. James doesn't take lessons with this teacher but plays with them on their jam night so Sara's teacher which is standing centre with the violin said he could go on and play one song, The Tennessee Waltz. Sara is the little one with the long dress. She is doing so well with her violin. She loves it and we are very proud of them.

Sara with her teacher.


  1. These are just beautiful.
    I wish you a fabulous holiday and Happy New Year!!

  2. Very cute towel sets! Merry Christmas to you and your family!