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Saturday, 2 March 2013

My first machine quilted quilt.  I was quite scared but very happy with the results. This quilt I made a couple of years ago and it was another one sitting in my pile. Someone else on the blog machine quilted this same quilt awhile back and I then knew I had to try.

I used the walking foot to go around the tree branches which worked out well. I was going to do some machine quilting around the branches but felt it looked more natural this way. 

I decides to go with leaves on the boarder. They went really well I used to do a lot of tole painting and oil painting so painted a lot of leaves. So it made it flow quite well.

I decided where this was my first quilt I wanted to keep the boarder on the outside of the sewing machine so I added a flower pot at the corner so it would seem like a vine all around the quilt. 

So the out come of the leaves turned out really well. When the whole quilt was finished it almost looked like a hand quilted quilt at a distance. Well now that I have done this one I might just get to that pile that needs quilted. 


  1. It turned out so nice....I want to learn to machine quilt! I love your leaves and flower pot. Great job !

  2. It looks great, Marla!!! I love it!

  3. Marla that is such a gorgeous quilt. Great job.