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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Burgoyne Surrounded Fionished...

Well put together not quilted. I must say this could be my favourite so far.

This went together so well. Every piece fit perfectly. What a nice change. I am pretty sure that Mark and Jennifer should love this. I hope it quilts well.

It is 90 by 108 inches. I wish it was a couple of inches wider.  So I think 90 will be the length and the 108 will be the width. It should cover a queen bed nicely. Craft day with Marjorie and Connie tomorrow. Wonder what wonderful things we will come up with tomorrow.  Saturday is national quilt day so five of us are getting together to make a large pillow. I think I will make one to match this and then their Christmas presents will be done.


  1. It is stunning Marla!! You did a fantastic job on it....

  2. your quilt is stunning and very dramatic looking from a distance. Great job.