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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WIP Wednesday

Well it has been a very productive week. I have been neglecting a few things like housework, laundry and my daily walks for working in the sewing room. It's a good thing my husband doesn't mind laundry. I had it all sorted. Later after coming back from craft afternoon with Marjorie and Connie, he had it all done. I just had to fold and put it away. Now if he would just learn to fold. Now don't press my luck.

Now for some of the things I have finished this week.

The pin cushions that Marjorie, Connie and I worked on at our last craft day.

My winter cardinal quilt that I was so happy with. My first machine quilting.

This little topper for a friends birthday.

This little St. Patrick's Day runner that turned out really well.

And the biggest job this week is getting these two shelves up and all my fabric sorted. No wonder I didn't have time for house work.  But this was a lot more fun. I am also working on a black and white quilt for my son and his wife for Christmas and still quilting that quilt I have in the frames.

This is it for me for this week although there are a few other things I am working on. I am linking up to Monika and Lee. Pop over and see what everyone else is working on. Have a great week and have fun sewing.


  1. You have been working so well and getting things done! Laundry and folding should always take a back seat to quiltmaking!

  2. Lots of great projects! Your sewing space looks great.

  3. Love the pincushion, and the winter cardinal quilt is fabulous. I enjoy your work immensely.