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Monday, 19 August 2013

Well another blog hop is happening again starting tomorrow, The Hexie Queen. I didn't get signed up in time but can't wait to see everyone's projects. By reading the blog over the last year hexie's are the in thing. To me they seem like a lot of work. So even though I didn't get in in time I had to try it. They aren't so bad. They were kind of fun. I didn't hand sew them. I did them on the sewing machine. They are 2 and a half inch hexie's. I found it on you tube.  Here is the pillow I made out of the left over fabric from my Big star quilt. It will looked nice on my bed when I get my quilt quilted.

Another very nice project done. I love the green stripe around the boarder.

Had a great weekend with my two grandchildren here. Sara and James. The weather was great especially for the pool.

They enjoyed doing tricks for me. They left yesterday and my other two grandchildren come tomorrow for the night, Lauren and Owen. Then home for a few days to have a visit with my friends and family. Summer is going by to fast. So hope everyone enjoys the Hexie Queen blog hop as I am sure I will.

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