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Thursday, 2 April 2015

My New Toy......

I am so excited. I bought myself a Easter present. A new Husqvarna Seger called Husky lock s21. I will do a class next week and then bring her home. I now have three Husqvarna machines. I was using my daughter n laws machine and it seemed to stopped working. I took it in to get it fixed and decided I didn't want to be the one to break it.  Thank goodness it just needed a good cleaning. These were on for 50% off so the price was right. Nice to get an income tax cheque. They came fast this year, just in time for the sale. 
I actually use a serger more than I thought I would And now will use it a lot more. 



  1. I have 2 sergers, but, I don't know how to use either of them. I'll learn one of these days.

  2. Wow that's a nice machine! Looking forward to trying it out and seeing the new updates from my twenty year old! Enjoy!

  3. Good for you...now think of all the extras you will be able to do