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Saturday, 30 January 2016

My new room

I wanted to share a few pictures of the renovations of my reck room. It is a room that I have wanted to redo for years.  They give it a good name, "reck room" because it was a reck. I am so happy how it turned out. I have had a lot of years picturing how it was to look and I must say it turned out that way.
I just need a TV so my grandchildren will have a place to watch Netflixs and my grandsons favorite You Tube Mindcraft. Right now they sit in my bed and sometimes when I go to bed there are a few crumbs.LOL but I love them anyway.

The TV will go on the mantel when we get one to put there.

My Christmas present to myself. Everyone should always buy themselves a Christmas present. It is so pretty especially at night. It will have colors that show up blue, red and yellow. So pretty.

I love how the curtains turned out. My first time putting grommets on. Very easy once I got the spacing right. I ended up with over a meter of material left. There was no waste. I will have enough for a couple of small pillows. My big luxury. The material was not cheap, but I love them.

Now that the room is done I am suffering. Really bad pain in my shoulders and upper back now,  today it has worked into a headache. Can hardly move. It was worth it though.  I have a massage booked for Monday afternoon. I have a sewing day with a group of ladies Monday morning. I don't think I will take my sewing machine. Can't seem to lift much right at the moment.  I am sure I will find something to work on. Looks like a good day to take my cross stitch.

Next week it will be time to get back to the sewing room and finish some projects that I have started over Chriatmas. A friend wanted to do a sampler quilt which we work on on Tuesday afternoons. We now have six blocks done and all the borders and binding cut out. I am also working on a scrap quilt which is coming along well. Here is a picture of the top half. The bottom half will have five rows of blocks.

I love it. My box of 1 1/2" and 1" strip was over flowing.  Also finishing up on a couple of other things also. My granddaughter was over and found a pattern for a handbag on crafty that I printed off for us to make the next time she comes down. I will need time to study that one. There was quite a few pages. Next time I better pay attention to what she picks out.

We had a beautiful snowy day yesterday. It is so clean and freah. A good day to rest the shoulders. It's hard for me to sit still but I need to. Can't wait for that massage on Monday.

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.


  1. Great room. Love the quilt on the sofa. Great quilt at the bottom of the post. Hope your 'kinks' work out quickly.

  2. What a fabulousReck Room. Worth all your pain......
    Nice scrappy quilt you are working on.

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