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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Birthday Gifts

It is raining cats and dogs here right now. We just got back from Moncton just in time. Trying to find groceries for my husband to cook for himself while I am away on a cruise for two weeks. My friend Marjorie from Marjories Busy Corner is going with me. Her first cruise. I think she is excited. My husband and I love cruising but with health conditions he is not able to go. I am torn about going without him but I know Marjorie and I will have a great time. 

Here are a couple of runners that I made for birthday gifts.  I love these patterns. They are My Runners by Disa Designs. I love her books. I made two of these tulip runners. One for my mother for Mother's Day. 

I have one more to make. I am doing the one with sun flowers next. I hope to do it tomorrow. My husband is going on a road trip with a friend tomorrow to look at a set of oxen's. It will be good for him to get out. We have another funeral today. This is the third one in the last week. It has been a hard winter for older people. 
Well my bags are all packed for my trip next week so will just do a little puttering until then. 


  1. Beautiful runners! A cruise with Marjorie sounds so fun and I'm sure you'll have a great time. Three funerals in a week is so sad..sorry for your losses.

  2. Runners are pretty....all packed and ready to take off!