Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Monday, 18 April 2016

My friend Judy and I have been busy the last few months making a Sampler quilt. We now have our blocks done and are ready to put it together. She finds making quilts a challenge where I like nothing better than making quilts but she can make doll clothes, kids clothes etc with no problem which I don't enjoy at all. She is also a beautiful hand quilter and loves doing that. I also am a very good quilter but hate doing it. It's funny what one enjoys doing. She has come a long way in making quilts.

I was to her house today helping her on some projects. We made this designing wall and here are her blocks. Hers will be black, red and white.  Its hard to see the colours against the blue table cloth. We scrounged around in her basement and found a extension rod that fit between her closet doors. It worked perfectly.  When it is not in use she can take it down and roll up. She bought a $5.00 table cloth with a felt back. It worked great. 

My designing wall is behind my sewing machine which makes it hard to reach the top. I have to use a step ladder to get the top blocks on. Not very safe. So next trip to town I will be picking up a rod also and moving mine. My blocks have a blue design. I am missing one in the picture but I have it. It's hard to believe that we can make the same blocks but both quilts will look so different when put together.

I finishing machine quilting a quilt for my mother. It tuned out really well. It was quite a large quilt and I didn't even get any wrinkles in the back. Yea. 

Now that the Weather is getting nice I plan on spending an hour a day doing some gardening and hope to have it all finished by the time the camp ground opens June 3rd. It's a little latter this year but that's OK. Gives me more time to get things done here. 
I think we are all ready for some nice weather.