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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The day started with a beautiful sky that was full of  pinks and reds. A good sign of a storm coming. It has been snowing most of the afternoon. We came home from church and made our first batch of homemade ice cream. It is hard to resist that. I just pretend that it is calorie free.LOL

I spent the afternoon in the sewing room working on clue three for the Mystery Quilt that I am doing with Lindy's Threads. There was sixteen 31/2 " squares. I used the technique from the Quilting Secrets Blog hop put on by Mrs Pickles. There was five different people who had great quilting tips and I learned a lot from them.

Something I was always taught about quilting was not to iron your seams open. But Mrs pickles uses this method. But when working on something so small it made perfect seams. They came out exactly 31/2 ". I was really impressed . So then I went to work on my pinwheel blocks and they came out perfect also. Here is the first block that I did the regular way.

They are pretty good but the points are a little off. Here are the next ones.

The points are exactly where they are supposed to be. Thanks Mrs Pickles for all the people that gave really good quilting tips this week. They were all very helpful. So if anyone has time to go to Mrs Pickle's sight read the great tutorials. 

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