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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My Little Window Quilt....

Just finished the Little Windows Quilt. A fun little project to do. I think it is a little small, 49" square so I will take it to town with me tomorrow to see if I can find a piece to match. Then I will put a 5" boarder on it. If not it will be a lap quilt. I am not sure what size lap quilts are .
.Boys this Nexus 7 takes nice bright pictures. Love it.
  Well time to get out of the sewing room and head outdoors for a walk. It looks like a nice day out there. Won't get much more done this week, my grand kids comes tomorrow for eleven days.


  1. I know what you did after our tea this morning...lol
    Looks great...I have to get that pattern for myself. I would like a large one for the kids.