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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sara's new doll dress

Sara thought I should make her a outfit for her doll.  I am a quilter, not sure about doll clothes but was lucky enough to have a pattern in a kids craft book that I have. Once I figured the pattern it went together nicely. She was very happy with it.  I can see that there is a few things I need to pick up if I need to make more outfits for her.

My other grand daughter Lauren was never interested in dolls to much other than taking the clothes off of them. With having just boys I never had to make to many doll clothes, but Sara is more of a girly girl where as Lauren is more of a tom boy.

I am really excited about a trip I am planning for next October with my mother, aunt and cousin to London, Scotland and Ireland. We are going to do a 11 day bus trip. We are in the process of booking it. I was talking to my cousin and aunt who lives in Ontario about it this week. We don't see each other much and it is going to be an exciting time. I haven't seen my cousin probably in six or more years. She was home for my grandmother's funeral but my grandmother died the day my husband and I arrived in Pureto Rico. So I missed them. We were very close as children but when her mother moved to Ontario we don't see each other much. This is one trip that I can't wait for. We are booking it Monday. So excited. My mother always wanted to go to England. She said when she sold her house she wanted me to take her. She is 73 and still in very good health so I better do a few trips with her while she is able. We have been on two bus trips so far and have had a great time.

My husband and I are going on a trip next month to New Orleans and than a Western cruise. Looking forward to that. It is the same trip that my son and his wife are on now. They will be home tomorrow night. The week has gone by quick. It will be quiet Monday evening when Lauren, Owen and Jake the dog goes home. Tuesday will be cleaning dog hair and putting the house back to normal, but we have had a great week. Jake will miss the walks.

 Well time to get a couple of kids to bead and I won't be to far behind.


  1. You sure are a fun grandmother, and what preasure you must have planning your trip!

  2. Such a good grandma to sew that doll some clothes...sweet!

  3. LOL Sewing doll clothes. My girls were not much into dolls either. But they loved it when I made them shorts and stuff all the time.