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Friday, 14 March 2014

I finished my quilt today. I made this for my mother for Christmas. The colors are so soft. I am not sure what the pattern is called but the block is the Bear Paw. I used a fleece sheet for the quilt batt just to try. I really like how it had worked It laid so smooth and no puckering. Why I used the fleece sheet was that it belonged to my grandmother. Mom was so close to her mother. Not to many people have their mother's with them until they are 99 years of age. I thought this would be a part of my grandmother and a part of me where I made it and now will be a part of her when she receives it. I know my mother will love the idea of this quilt.  

If you can see by these pictures I just did a three loop pattern. I like the way they went and it looks really nice.

Did you notice the snow bank I was standing on. I was half way up that bank. There is still so much snow. It is so pretty but enough is enough. I did go snow shoeing for the first time this winter with my friend Connie this afternoon. It was so nice out. She has such a pretty view of the river from behind her house. So relaxing.

We just got back from my grand daughter's basketball game. I really have a hard time with school sports. They are so unfair on how they play the kids. Two kids never got to play and Lauren was on for less than two minutes. She made a mistake and they pulled her off. With boys we were always involved in hockey and every kid got to play no matter how good they were.  Basketball is going to be hard to watch and hold my tongue. Hopefully my husband will. He coached hockey for years and was always fair. Enough growling.  

So back to sewing. It is nice to get back to the sewing room. I am back to working on some hand quilting and hope to get my quilt out soon. That is going to be my first priority. Then I need to get a birthday gift done and then there is Mother's day. I see my friends Connie and Marjorie started their quilt that we are all working on together called Stash Stars already. So I will start mine tomorrow.  I am also working on a crass stitch piece for my grand daughter for Christmas also. 

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  1. Pretty! Glad you've gotten a good start on presents for the year.