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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

W.I.P Wednesday

We are getting another snow storm. This is suppose to be the worst  snow storm in years for this time of the year. I am ready for it to end. We can hardly see across the street and we can't see the river.  It feels like a January blizzard.
I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network  Wednesday. Finally getting back to getting something accomplished in the sewing room. It feels good. I am very happy with what I got done this week. I feel like I am losing touch with everyone lately. With four extra people living here there is a lot more cleaning, cooking and baking. Jennifer is the only one working at the moment. My husband and son are waiting for this snow to end. They are usually back to work by now but the way it is going I don't expect much till the end of April. I shouldn't complain as I know there will be lots of work when they do get back but will make it really busy especially since my son has to build a house also. I feel bad for the maple syrup people. With this snow they might loose their whole season. What a loss. 

Here is what I have got accomplished the last couple of weeks.

I made this lap quilt last winter. I love the colour's in this one and was very happy with the quilting on this one. It was a charm pack that I had won  last year and this was a quilt that I saw on the Internet. I finished quilting this one last week.

They are going to have a bennif for my son and his family next month for the loss of their home so I thought I would make a lap quilt for the auction.  My grand daughter Lauren really liked the colours in this one so I made her one with the left over fabric.

I did a better job of laying this one out. The material below will be the back for this one. 

I have it all pinned together ready to quilt tomorrow. This will be for her birthday. It should be ready for her new bedroom. Hopefully they will be in their new home by her birthday in August.

I am still working on this quilt. I am happy to say I am working on the last set of blocks and then just the boarder. I think this is going to be my last hand quilted quilt. It just takes to long. This one is for me. I am getting more accomplished  on this each day. 
So pop over to Monika's The Needle and Thread Network and visit some Canadian sites. Have a great week and hopefully see you next week.


  1. What beautiful quilts you featured today-the hand quilting on the last border is so precise. And I love the star quilt that you made with the charm pack. The wind is still gusting here in NS-no fun!

  2. Love that top quilt the best!!!! Hang in there (all of you). Things will work out in the end.

  3. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the first quilt, love the design and the colors. Is that your pattern? Your grand daughter is going to be so happy with her quilt and I'm sure the auction one will raise quite a bit for your son. I admire you for the hand quilting, I haven't hand quilted anything for at least twenty years. Hope the winter weather ends soon and everything gets back to normal.

  4. Lovely quilts. With all the extra people in your home it is amazing you have time to get things accomplished. Continued prayers for you and your family.

  5. Beautiful quilts for a great cause!! Your grand daughter's is really pretty and your hand quilting is fabulous!

  6. Love your quilts. You have been very busy with your house full! Top quilt is very vibrant, love the colours. Can't wait to see the

  7. ...benefit quilt quilted. It is going to be lovely.

  8. You certainly get a lot done even with a full house! Your projects are all very nice.