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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

W.I.P. Wednesday

I am linking up with Monika at the Needle and
Thread Network. Another week gone. Some days seem long when we are inside with a house full of people but then Wednesday is here again.
 I am happy to get this quilt done and very happy with how it turned out. I didn't even have any puckers on this one. Nice. I am getting the hang of it.

I Love this design. I can see me doing this one often. It flows very nicely and when it is finished it looks great. 

My grand daughter Lauren will like this one for her birthday.

Saturday I got together with my friends Connie, Marjorie and Rose and we made this casserole carrier. I bought this pattern a couple of years ago planning on making this for my daughter n law Jodi. She is a nurse  and they are always having pot lucks.  Now she has a nice carrier to carry and keep her dish hot. The left over piece made a nice mug rug to set her hot dish on. Another Christmas gift done.

I just took a picture of my flower bed. There will be no Mayflowers here. There if about five feet of snow over there. The deer has ate every ceder tree there is so now they will have to be pulled out.  This has been one long winter.  We had another big snow storm yesterday. The kids were home Monday and Tuesday with the schools cancelled. They are also home Friday for teachers meetings. 

You can just see the tips of two little trees here at the edge of my flower bed.

My grand son Owen and I were out playing yesterday and you can walk all around the yard without even falling through. I can see there being a lot of floods this year. 

So other than that I did accomplish something this week. I am having another sewing day with Connie and Marjorie on Friday. Can't wait. What will we come up with next? We will see next week.


  1. No flowers or green here, but, at least our snow is gone. Sorry.

  2. Lovely quilt and beautiful projects! You have a lot of snow!!! I can see where flooding could be a concern!

  3. Your quilt looks great! Your granddaughter will love it. Love the carrier/mugrug..what a great gift.

  4. Our snow finally melted and I it is almost like poof overnight things are budding up and turning green. Unfortunately looking at my flower bed the one thing that turned green first? Weeds!

  5. I love the mauves and purples in the quilt--your granddaughter will love it I'm sure. Like you, we still have full snow coverage and the poor robins and blackbirds have come back.