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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

W.I.P Wednesday

I can't believe it is W.I.P. Wednesday again. Where did this week go to? I am linking up with Monika with the Needle and Thread Network. It seems this is the only time I  have to post lately. But I guess once a week is better than nothing.

Last year I won this pattern and finally got around to trying it out.  So Friday I had a sewing day with Connie and Marjorie and decided to get started on this.

It really doesn't look like the picture. It is suppose to fold into the bag above but I wanted to leave it as a carry bag. I made this for my mother for her birthday in the fall to take on our trip to London. Now I need to make one for myself. 

There is a couple of things I want to change on the next one. I need to make the front pockets smaller and I didn't read one step. The pocket should have been one inch from that centre seam.  The center seam looks very nice on the bag. My friend Connie always tells us to read the directions but I am a picture kind of person. 

We did change the inside though and added these pockets. They are big enough to put our e-reader, pass ports and other things. A good suggestion by Connie.

I finished the other quilt for the auction today. It is a rainy day here and a great day to spend in  the sewing room. This should be a great piece for the benefit for my son and his wife. 

One thing I can say is I am so glad that my friend Connie called me  a couple of years ago to go with her to Amerest N.S. for a machine quilting class with Karen at Sew Karen-ly Created . I have bought a few patterns from Karen and love her work. It was the best thing that we did. I didn't do much with it at first until we did two more classes. I  really am  enjoying this. I love being able to start a quilt one week and have it all quilted the next. It is great when something like an auction comes up and I can whip something like this up.

I also started on another Casserole carrier . I want to make this one and one more for Christmas gifts. Love this material. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it when I ordered it from Connecting threads but I think this will work.

So it has been a good week for getting things done. 


  1. Wow, Marla! You have been busy! You have some great pieces finished there and obviously you don’t have time to blog, you are too busy stitching!!

  2. Wow.. you've been very productive! That quilt for the benefit is just beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the quilting on it!! Wish I could do that!!

  3. Visiting from The Needle and Thread Network! Wonderful bag!!! We learn what we like with every piece we make! That's what makes quilting and sewing fun. Beautiful quilting too!

  4. Yes, it is always a good idea to read instructions -- but like you I tend to look at the photos and skip the reading... Love the Nine Patch quilt!

  5. Very nice....good thing we have Connie!!!

  6. Instructions, who reads them? (I know, people who can then tell me what I did wrong, sigh) Your bag came out great, and the quilt looks very nice, hope the benefit brings in a lot for it.

  7. I love the casserole carrier.
    I look on instructions merely as guidelines, suggestions that might help if you get stuck.

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