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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It looks like Christmas

Had a great day today even though we had no power. My grandaughter Lauren came and spent the day. Now that she is eleven she doen't come as much. We spent the day Christmas cooking.

 Just got the sugar cookies on the pan and the hydro went out so she just covered them and put them in a cool place. I got my Peanut Butter Balls dipped in chocolate, finished my Cherry Balls and made Almond Bark. I can cook on top of my stove but can't bake. Now that supper is over with we have Ginger Bread cookies to bake but when you sit down it is hard to get back up. But they need to be done. Off to the kitchen we go.

We had lots of snow so it sure looks like Christmas. Gifts are done, Christmas cooking almost done and just a little wrapping to do. I am ready, just need to cook Christmas Eve dinner. My son Ryan wants to have boxing day breakfast at his house and take all the kids to the movies. Mark thought that was a good idea and then go to my mother's for her dinner. We are off  to my husband's family for Christmas dinner. Three turkey dinner's. That should be good for the scales.

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