Hi everyone, glad you could visit me.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

What a nice snow day. I should be getting my snow shoes out but it is so much warmer in side. I will do better tomorrow. I spent the morning working on my Christmas cross stitch and watching a movie. Then I headed to the sewing room for the afternoon. I added some boarders to my Busy cartwheel.

Then I put togeather Clue two to the Mystery Quilt that I am doing from Lindy's Threads. Now I am waiting for clue number three. There are sixteen of these blocks.

Clue number one
I am not sure how this is going togeather. Maybe clue number three will fit togeather. Interesting
I am leaking up to Barb at Cat Patches for the 2012 NFO as I have joined the 2013. This is what I have started for the month of December.


  1. The block looks great...what time is good tomorrow?

  2. Pretty fabrics in your mystery pieces.

  3. Looking good. Your points are nice and pointy!