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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

What a great day. The kids were so excited. Dinner was great, Our son bought us lobster so we had it for supper and my grand daughter is spending the night so we went to the sewing room later this afternoon. She received this doll to sew and then she decided that she would like a blanket also.


This is my grand daughter Sara. She is getting a room make over for Christmas so she is here for a couple of days until her room is finished. I could think of better things to do than painting a bedroom on Christmas day. We hung her new light a couple of days ago while she was at her grand mothers on PEI. She should really like it.

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  1. So much fun for Grammie!! cute little doll and blanket. We had a fun day too...kids; big and small were out playing hockey on the pond after dinner and opening gifts. |Then back in for dessert and more play.