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Thursday, 11 July 2013

A little friend met me at the door....

Another beautiful day. I came home from Moncton today and this little fellow greeted me at the door.

Can you see him. He greeted me at the door and flew right into my china cabinet. He hopped around the dishes, flew out and around and then back in. I checked every door and window and don't know how he found his way in. So I shut most of the rooms off, opened the front door, the bedroom door to the outside and the window. He found his way out the window after he hopped all over the quilt in my frame that was in front of the window. Good thing he didn't decide to use the washroom.

I also finished a runner for my daughter n law's birthday. It was a few days late but better late than never I always say. She loved it.

I made one of these a while back and really liked the pattern.  It is a paper pieced pattern and goes together really well. She also has a large table so it looks nice. 

Also our quilt show is here in Hopewell Cape this week. The prices of all the quilts are way to low. It must be the economy. They were between the prices of $295.00 and $395.00 for a queen size quilt. What a shame. They were well worth $600.00 or more. All that work and they were all beautiful. I bought this crochet piece which was also very cheap for the work that was in it. $20.00.

Sorry the picture is side ways but you can see how beautiful it is.  So off to PEI again tomorrow with three kids for five days. I will just have to entertain Owen, the girls are old enough to entertain themselfs. I will do things with them after my husband gets home from work and can watch him. He is a terrible shopper and where the girls are concerned a pain. Can't see why ha ha. 


  1. You mean you aren't working next week?? hmmmmmmmmm
    both runners are really nice.

  2. Better your bird than mine. My bird flew into the closed patio door, and committed suicide. Glad yours got out safely.