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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Big Star Quilt

The Big Star quilt top is finished. Very happy with this one also. It is 96 by 119. I have never made one this big before but really wanted a nice size to fit my bed. I hope I don't regret it by the time I get it quilted as I am not that fast. Well as long as I get it quilted by the time the Christmas decorations come out I'll be happy. I need to order the backing and I will order it from Connecting threads as they have 104" backing that will be perfect and I need an extra large quilt batt which is hard to find in Moncton. Here are some pictures:

I made this with some prints that I bought on my bus trip to Pennsylvania with my good friend Marjorie. It was our first stop at a Amish farm. We were lucky enough to have had supper with them. The cream colour is muslin which I haven't used before but will be using again. It is so soft and nice to work with. The dark boarder is a dark green cotton. 


  1. That is very pretty. I made one large quilt and had to send it out for quilting. It was 100x100. it's too big for my bed as there are posts in the corners. now I make smaller ones that I can finish myself.

  2. Gorgeous. It will be so pretty once it is quilted. You will adore it forever I am sure.

  3. Just beautiful.Happy quilting!

  4. It turned out nicely! Have fun quilting it.