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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Big Star Quilt

A beautiful day here on Prince Edward Island. Just enjoying the sun and doing a little sewing. Working on a quilt for myself. I have been wanting to do one that would really fit the bed nicely and I finally found one. I am not sure who posted this pattern but thanks. I just love how easy it is to make.

There are twelve blocks to this  quilt and they are 23" blocks which is great for making a large quilt. This quilt is called the Big Star Quilt and you can find the pattern on You tube. I have three more blocks to make. It will measure 95 by 119. It will go down the side of the bed nicely. I am glad it is only 95" in length as my quilt frames are only 96" wide. Perfect. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful summer as it sure is nice here.


  1. I love those big blocks...it's beautiful!

    1. Thanks it should make for a very pretty quilt. Two more blocks and then I can start putting it together. Well off to the sewing machine while I still have some energy. It was hot at work today. Won't complain as it is better than tornatoes.

  2. Very nice, looks like you are enjoying your time at the trailer