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Thursday, 28 February 2013

A new corner  to my sewing room. I extended my table to the wall which is closer to my design wall. I also got my husband to lower the table 1 1/2 inches which makes a big difference to my shoulder when I sit at the sewing machine to long.  I thought a had a great spot for my new coffee machine until my friend brought up to be careful that the water doesn't over flow onto my sewing machine. Now I have to rethink that one. I also got my husband to add a little drawer which is  great for my attachments for the sewing machine. A couple of more adjustments and I will be happy. for awhile anyway.

I was just to Singers to pick up my machine quilting foot which broke. They didn't charge me which was great. To replace it would of cost 39.99. I picked one up for a friend and it was 14.99.  They looked the same. I also picked up 10 bobbins which cost 9.99 and for a regular sewing machine would of been 3.99. The only difference mine were green. It doesn't make sense. But what are you to do if you need them.

Well off to the sewing room to finish quilting that quilt that I started.

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